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Everyone is moving back to their respective offices (and leaving our cosy caves at home) and we can imagine how stressful this situation may be. The shift from the comfort and familiarity of our homes to a bustling office environment can bring about a host of stressors, including commute-related anxieties, the pressure to meet in-person expectations, and the need to navigate interpersonal dynamics. 

To help ease this transition and provide a buffer against workplace stress, stress relief toys can become valuable allies for working adults. In this post, we will explore how these simple yet effective tools can make a positive difference in managing the demands of office life and enhancing overall well-being and share with you the array of calming stress toys and mindfulness products that we have in store for you! 

Stress relief toys are designed to help individuals manage stress and anxiety by providing a tactile and often repetitive activity. While their effectiveness may vary among individuals, several key factors shed light on how they might contribute to stress relief:


Mindfulness and Relaxation: Engaging with stress relief toys, such as fidget spinners or stress balls, can promote mindfulness and relaxation. Mindfulness practices have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety by focusing one's attention on the present moment.


Distraction: Stress relief toys can serve as a distraction from stressful thoughts and situations. Distracting activities can help reduce the intensity of stress and anxiety temporarily.


Sensory Stimulation: Some stress relief toys offer sensory stimulation through touch, sight, or sound. Sensory activities can have a calming effect and may reduce stress responses in some individuals. 


Stress Reduction Techniques: Stress relief toys can be incorporated into stress reduction techniques like progressive muscle relaxation or deep breathing exercises. Combining these toys with evidence-based relaxation methods may enhance their effectiveness.


Stress, be gone! 


Here are our top picks for the best stress relief tools for work in our collection. Make sure to read on to find out more about our wellness products!

  • Kalma Kitty from Boxer Gifts

    De-stress in style with the Kalma Kitty Stress Toy. This cat-themed squishy toy provides a tactile and calming way to relieve stress and anxiety. Squeeze, tug, or simply hold onto it to experience a sense of feline calm. It's a great addition to your desk or a thoughtful gift for cat lovers. The cute and colourful packaging makes it perfect for gifting on various occasions and the silicone material ensures a long shelf-life. 


    Other Boxer Gifts Stress Toys include the Calma Llama, Zen-guin, Chill Dog, and more!


  • Blobfish Stress Toy from Gift Republic

    Here is another unique stress toy from Gift Republic - featuring the adorable Bob the Blobfish! While these curious creatures reside deep within the ocean, we've brought one to the surface to help you tackle stress. Bob is more than just a quirky stress toy; he's a fun and friendly way to squeeze away the worries of your day. A perfect gift for anyone in need of stress relief, Bob is designed to put a smile on your face as you give him a satisfying squeeze with his quirky face. His unique design adds a touch of whimsy to your work routine. 


    Other Gift Republic Stress Toys include the Chonky Boi, Homosexuwhale, F**kboy, and more!

  • Therapy Putty from Gift Republic

    Squish, stretch, and squeeze your way to stress relief with our Therapy Putty. This tactile and soothing putty is designed to help you unwind and regain focus during tense moments. Infused with a calming lavender scent, this putty offers a sensory experience that promotes relaxation. Packaged in a colourful tin, it's easy to carry and discreet to use. Keep it in your office drawer or take it with you on the go for a convenient way to manage stress wherever you are. 


  • Color Changing NeeDoh by NeeDoh

    Just like the Therapy Putty, the Color Changing NeeDoh is a fun sensory experience guaranteed to take some weight off of your shoulders. Squish, pull, squeeze, or smush it, and watch as it magically changes color before your eyes. Each Color Changing NeeDoh is filled with a non-toxic, dough-like compound that's not only durable but also resilient, always returning to its original shape. The cool colors and soothing tactile sensation make it a delightful tool for relaxation. 


  • Noodlies by NeeDoh

    NeeDoh’s Noodlies is a unique stress toy that adds a fun twist to your routine! These quirky, elastic noodles offer a sensory experience that combines vibrant colours with sensory play. You can stretch them, knot them, or give them a good squeeze to your heart's content – all without the mess of playing with actual food. Keep a handful on your desk for those moments when you need to mellow out. Each pack includes five colours of stretchable noodles, so you can mix and match for the ultimate sensory experience. 


    Other products from NeeDoh include the Snowball Crunch, Booper, Ramen Noodlies, and more!


    Mindfulness is key


    Trying to relieve stress in the office can be a huge feat, and for some, a stress toy may not be enough to take away the weight you are feeling. We believe that the right combination of stress relief methods and mindfulness practices will help you destress. With that, we gathered 3 products that would be easy to store and use in your workplace:


  • Calm Sky Journal by The Kind Friend

    This self-care journal is crafted to alleviate stress and anxiety through mindful journaling. It includes weekly templates for you to set goals, track tasks, and reflect on emotions, promoting mindfulness. Gentle quotes from The Kind Friend act as inspiring prompts. Ample blank space encourages personal thoughts and creativity, allowing you to explore your identity and emotions freely. With 26 weekly templates and dotted pages, this journal offers structure while fostering a journey of well-being and self-discovery. We recommend finding a quiet time and a secluded space to destress while journaling. 


  • Mindful Meditation by Gift Republic

    Decompress with this set of 100 mindfulness meditation techniques designed to bring calm into your daily life and office routine. With these card prompts, you'll discover 100 invaluable tips for finding zen in a chaotic world, anytime and anywhere you need a moment of peace. Whether you're at home, at the office, or on the go, these cards provide a practical and accessible way to improve your overall well-being and cultivate inner tranquillity. 


  • Breathe Essential Oil Roll On by Chubby Co. 

    Depending on the essential oil, aromatherapy can help improve moods and reduce stress. This essential oil roll on from Chubby Co. is a perfect remedy for a stressful situation. It features a blend of Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils, perfect for sinus relief, colds, flus, headaches, migraines, and nausea. The inclusion of calming Lavender essential oil adds a touch of serenity for both body and mind. Breathe is your holistic blend, offering comfort and relief to those in need, providing a deep breath of tranquillity in moments of discomfort and anxiety. 



    Find all of your wellness needs at Spectrum


    In times of stress, remember that taking a moment for self-care is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. At Spectrum, we understand the need for reliable solutions to help us thrive in this ever-changing world. From stress relief toys to mindful living practices, we've explored a range of products designed to bring calm and comfort into your life. Whether you're seeking relaxation, focus, or serenity, our carefully curated selection is here to assist you. Discover these wellness products at Spectrum and move toward a more balanced and centred you. 

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