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Hug A Lemeur KitHug A Lemeur Kit
Slime PlaySlime Play
Sale price$6.30
Slime PlayGelli Baff
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Stand Up Sit DownStand Up Sit Down
Sale price$37.30
Stand Up Sit DownCheatwell
IQ Buster: Metal Puzzles (Set Of 4) - PaperclipSGIQ Buster: Metal Puzzles (Set Of 4) - PaperclipSG
Slime Baff: 300gSlime Baff: 300g
Sale price$27.70
Slime Baff: 300gGelli Baff
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Fossils BoxFossils Box
Sale price$13.80
Fossils BoxBritish Fossils
Stress Toy: Chill Dog - PaperclipSGStress Toy: Chill Dog - PaperclipSG
Fools Gold in Bottle
Toy In Soap 90g: Mermaid Tail - PaperclipSGToy In Soap 90g: Mermaid Tail - PaperclipSG
Sharks Teeth Hinged Box PackSharks Teeth Hinged Box Pack
Snap & Pairs Card Game: Pirates
Snap & Pairs Card Game: Farmyard
Snap & Pairs Card Game: DinosaurSnap & Pairs Card Game: Dinosaur
Original - New PackagingOriginal - New Packaging
StoryMaker - PaperclipSGStoryMaker - PaperclipSG
Kids' Kit - PaperclipSGKids' Kit - PaperclipSG
Sale price$32
Kids' KitMagnetic Poetry
Slime Baff: 150gSlime Baff: 150g
Sale price$15.95
Slime Baff: 150gGelli Baff
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Smelli Gelli Tutti Frutti: 300g
Fossils Magnifier BagFossils Magnifier Bag
Stress Toy: Kalma Kitty - PaperclipSGStress Toy: Kalma Kitty - PaperclipSG
Glow Glitter Stars - PaperclipSGGlow Glitter Stars - PaperclipSG
Torch & Projector: Super Cars - PaperclipSGTorch & Projector: Super Cars - PaperclipSG
Save $7.40
Southeast Asian Style: Malaysia Chinatown
Sale price$13.90 Regular price$21.30
Southeast Asian Style: Malaysia ChinatownRobotime
Southeast Asian Style: Singapore ChinatownSoutheast Asian Style: Singapore Chinatown
Crystal Box PackCrystal Box Pack
Sale price$15.50
Crystal BoxBritish Fossils
Gemstone Selection Box FrontGemstone Selection Box Back
Water Magic: Strawberry - PaperclipSGWater Magic: Strawberry - PaperclipSG
Water Magic: Orange - PaperclipSGWater Magic: Orange - PaperclipSG
Water Magic: Strawberry Picnic - PaperclipSGWater Magic: Strawberry Picnic - PaperclipSG
Toy In Soap 90g: Waddles The Penguin - PaperclipSG
Toy In Soap 90g: Unicorn - PaperclipSGToy In Soap 90g: Unicorn - PaperclipSG
Toy In Soap 90g: Dudley The Dinosaur - PaperclipSG
Toy In Soap 90g: Santa - PaperclipSG
Toy In Soap 90g: Sloth - PaperclipSG

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