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How about bringing the party closer to you? Throw your own Halloween Party and make it the most unforgettable one yet. Check the list we curated for you to help ease your worries and get your party rocking. 


1. Invitations

Throwing An Unforgettable Halloween Party In Singapore_Canva Invitation

So often, we are so busy with party planning that we forget to send out invitations. One of the most crucial things to do when organising a party is to send invitations so your attendees can save the date and properly arrange their calendars. 

We are spoiled for choices with a variety of methods, including printed invitations, phone calls, and emails. Canva is your best friend to create your invitation, or you can hire a graphic designer. Remind those you've invited to respond to your invitations. Knowing how many guests will attend the party can help you arrange it more effectively.


2. Know your party size

Throwing An Unforgettable Halloween Party In Singapore_Know Your Party Size Are we throwing a Kanye party for Halloween? Or are we taking it down a notch? Either way, make your party an unforgettably one by crowd control - not too hectic but not too awkward by making a guest list. 


3. Do you have a dress code?

 Who do we want to dress up for this Halloween - a dissociating Chris Pine, Will Byers crying in the backseat, Vecna drinking iced coffee, Tinder Swindler? Or Cassie from Euphoria? So many options to choose from but let us make it a little easier for you with accessories you can find for the last-minute put-together: 


  • Halloween socks + Temporary tattoos

Your inner gnome is secretly pilling up your socks collection in the drawer? Look away! Two Left Feet have the perfect Halloween socks for Kids in Oh Mummy, Fang Gang and Boo Ya or shop more (here)
It’s hard to find fake blood that doesn’t leave a stain after washing or that doesn’t irritate your skin! Here are some alternate ideas instead of using red dye - Slime, yes Zimpli Kids’ Slime is perfect as they are biodegradable and also safe for the skin (all clinically proven) or get a designer temporary tattoo with a cute theme like Nautical or Circus. 
Shop (here) for slime and (here) for Gumtoo temporary tattoo
  • Headbands and Hairpins

Diaso may not be “Always $2” anymore but they won't go wrong with their Halloween product at an affordable price range. Be sure to quickly snatch your ideal before it goes out of stock. Here are some items in the store that you can consider: 
  • Character Headbands that come in Bat, Ghouls and Pumpkin designs. 
  • Different Bat Wings materials and sizes 
  • Pompom Fake Fur in Cat, Pumpkin and Bat designs
  • Cat Ear Hairpins
  • Devil Horns Hairpins
All for just $2.14
  • Costumes

When it comes to costumes, there are plenty of ways to go - do you want to recycle old clothes? Or thrift a piece that is similar to your character, or better, a ready-made piece. Here are some places we are more than happy to share with you. 
For some thrifting action, try heading down to any of the shops below or check their social: 


Multiple Locations
Check their website for open hours

Granny’s Day Out

Peninsula Shopping Centre
3 Coleman Street, #03-25, Singapore 179804
1pm - 8pm (Weekday)
1pm - 6pm (Weekend)


96 Waterloo St, Singapore 187967
10.30am – 2.30pm (Mon to Fri)
We are in a rush! Here are some places you can get your costume in a day all at the same place: 


Plaza Singapura 
68 Orchard Road, #05-11 to 19, Singapore 238839 
10am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)

Lips Enterprise

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Rd, #03-08/09, Singapore 228213
12pm – 8pm (Mon to Sat)

Costumes ‘N’ Party

Havelock 2
No.2 Havelock Road Unit #02-16/17/18, Havelock II, 059763
11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri)
11am - 6pm (Sat)

4. Decorations

Invitations - checked, knowing your party size - checked, Costume - checked, now moving to decorations how can we spice things up? Definitely getting your inspiration from Pinsterest can never go wrong. Let us suggest some of our items: 

  • Balloons from ilooms 

Colourful with lighting and epic designs like Aliens, Unicorn, Faces and more
Shop iloom (here)
  • Candles from Rainbow Moments and Village Candle 

Have you seen rainbow drip candles or colourful flames? Let us surprise you here:
Glo your candle up and spice Village Candle up by adding extra essential oil or herbs of your liking.
Check out how Raven’s Indigo spice hers up (here)
and find your favourite scent (here)

5. Food

 A happy stomach is a happy guest! Yes, yes we have said it before but Pinterest is really your best friend when it comes to picking out ideas and creepily delicious food that is filled with creativity. 


6. Music 

Ambience! Ambience! We need to set the mood right with the right music. Here are some of the playlists you can find on Shopify that we recommend (Yes.. we went through 7 hours of it and love it)


i. Halloween Party Hits 👻 2022


ii. Halloween Party


iii. Disney Halloween



7. Games & Activities 

Playing cards and dice are a perfect addition to any game night. With so many different games to play there is something for everyone. Check out the list of games Spectrum Store brings in to keep you and your guest thrilled

8. Tarot Reading

Throwing An Unforgettable Halloween Party In Singapore_Tarot Reading

Are you looking to discover what the future holds? Seek advice from a tarot reader that can give you the answers you’ve been longing to hear. Book an event with them: 

Eventually Tarot 

Meet Eve and Tony, who believes that the Tarot is a time-honoured instrument for introspection and has the power to reveal buried intuitions, hard truths, illuminating and possibilities. 

Raven’s Indigo 

A physic medium that practices tarot & aura readings. Get to know Raven as she answers 5 of the most frequent asked questions (here
If you are interested in getting your own Tarot or Oracle decks, shop (here

9. Halloween Movie 


Watch re-runs of classical Halloween movies with friends and family, and in case you miss out on any of the titles, we got you covered: 

50 Classic Halloween Movies to Stream This Year

Country Living’s list of 50 classic Halloween films (and how to stream them on Hulu, Netflix, or Prime Video)

Every Halloween movie in chronological order

Given the number of reboots, sequels, and remakes, putting the Halloween movies in chronological order might be difficult. It's not impossible, though, because the majority of them appear around Michael Myers, who is pursuing Laurie Strode.


10. Trick Or Treat


Gather your friends and family, and head out for some trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood. Read our blog (here) to find out more about where and what you can do during this season. 

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