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As we come to terms with our spiritual side, we seek clarity, peace and gratitude. We all start with not knowing where to go, which direction or path is ‘good’ for us but the unknown is where you will set your new limits. Change is scary but change is what we need. 

For those who are new to incorporating new age healing into their spiritual practices, we would like to introduce you to Raven’s Indigo - a physic medium that practices tarot & aura readings. We asked Raven 5 questions,  introducing herself to get an insight into her practices. 


Raven's Indigo x Spectrum Store - What's Raven's Whys?

1. Introduction of yourself and what’s your ‘why’ in terms of starting this?

A: Hi! You can call me Raven and I often refer to myself as a psychic medium. Personally, I have many Whys to this but my biggest one would be the fact that I’ve always found beauty in self-healing, growth and development, which is what my brand and I are basically centred on. I’ve always been fascinated with spirituality as a whole and it’s something I took a while to fully dive into because my abilities scared me when I was younger. It’s not a normalised thing to see colours around subjects - breathing or not. Neither is it normal to see beyond the physical - often something I was bullied for as a child. But I also came to see how what I can do has helped serve as a bridge between someone and their higher self, their desired outcome, the closure they need and the clarity they seek - younger me would think I’m pretty cool.



Raven's Indigo x Spectrum Store - Why Raven's Indigo?

2. Why the name Raven’s Indigo? 

A: This one is unrelated because, since young, I’ve always loved the character Raven from Teen Titans - lo and behold, she’s a sorceress too hahaha. With that said, I grew up wanting to have that as my name because it rang beautifully in my ears and I could relate to many aspects of her life and identity. On top of that, Red is also one of my favourite colours - I associated a lot of my ideal traits with that colour. So when it was time to decide the name, I thought what better than to have the name Raven be a part of it. As for Indigo, my aura itself has a lot of Purple and Blue in it, but they were layers of myself I spent many years rejecting…until recently of course. I’m proud of them now, and I’ve learned to embrace them - thus my Indigo, or in this case, Raven’s Indigo.



Raven's Indigo x Spectrum Store - What Inspires Raven?

3. What inspires you? 

A: Honestly? My clients. Every person’s journey fascinates me and I always love hearing updates from them because watching people take back their power and empower themselves to live their desired life makes me very happy. They’re not just the ones inspiring me to run Raven’s Indigo but also to better myself - because, what am I if I don’t take my own advice right? Adding on to that, of course, I have a loving partner who wholeheartedly supports me, a family that does their best to understand what I do while still keeping me grounded, and friends who cheer me on as I grow. I often say this to everyone, but I find beauty in even the smallest things, so if I had to sum it all up, everything inspires me.


Raven's Indigo x Spectrum Store - Services & Products

4. What kind of service/product do you provide? 

A: The list wouldn’t end but I provide a range of services such as Tarot reading, Aura reading, Past Life reading, Spirit Guide reading - in-person and online. I also offer recorded videos and reports for some! One thing I take pride in is my aura painting - I always enjoy seeing how an order turns out because every piece is different, even with the same colours. On top of that, my products vary from Crystal Sigil Necklaces, Spell Globes and Energy Spells! My prices range from $15 - $115 for my readings and $30-$55 for my products.


Raven's Indigo x Spectrum Store - How Should I Prepare?

5. How should I prepare for my first reading?

A: I always get asked this question and I will always give the same answer -  you don’t. You can prepare a list of questions you have or you can come empty-handed and see where the cards and my reading takes you. One thing I take heavy pride in whenever a client engages with me is the fact that it’s always timely - those who need to hear what I have to say always find their way to me somehow. All I ask of you is to be present with an open heart, mind and soul - because you will never be able to predict the answers you get. So don’t stress, don’t overanalyse and treat it like a tea session with a long-lost friend. And of course, no question is a stupid question.




Did you feel a pull? Or an itchy feeling to know more? - stay tuned as we get to know Raven’s advice and her most used item in the next blog. 

If you would like to book a session with her, good news! We are having a rare 2 days pop-up booth with Raven’s Indigo at Spectrum Store @ Paragon Mall on 23rd September, Friday and 24th September, Saturday so save the date. 

Raven's Indigo x Spectrum Store - Save the dates & location

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