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When time allows it, we dabble in being a home cook and if you do too, you probably also know the joy that comes from your friends and loved ones really appreciating a meal you've prepared— it can be the main driver behind our efforts (when it’s not cravings!).

That being said, tackling a substantial meal for an event like a Christmas dinner party can be quite overwhelming if not approached with the right touch. Allow us to share an often-overlooked secret: style.

Yes, you heard that right: style. We get it, you might think that prioritizing "doing it in style" shouldn't top your list of concerns, but in reality, both sprucing up your workspace and adorning the event table are crucial. A pleasant workspace boosts your motivation and on the flip side, a well-decorated dinner table adds an extra layer of delight to the entire event.

Here at Spectrum Store, we are proud to include in our list of products a couple of items that can definitely add that extra bit of style that’ll get you moving and get your dinner guests in the mood for the special event and best of all, without breaking the bank. Let’s break it down into two segments: Motivation during Preparation and Dinner Table Decoration.

Motivation during Preparation

Preparation is a big thing. Cooking the soup is easy, but cutting up all the veggies into bite size chunks is a chore. Doing a stir fry can take the shortest time, but getting every piece of the puzzle ready to be thrown in at a moment’s notice and in the right spot around the stove takes much longer.

Preparation is also where most of us feel least motivated. We’ve thought about all the meal choices, made our choice, got ourselves down to the supermarket, bought everything we needed and by the time we’re back at our place, all we want to do is throw everything in the fridge. Then, pretend we never wanted to make a big meal to begin with and order out.

Understandable. It can be daunting. But there’s no reason it should be this hard! First of all, stop trying to shop for everything in one go! Break it into smaller chunks. Some ingredients here, some there, and if you really can’t find that silly outlandish seasoning the recipe calls for, just google a replacement and stop hunting for it all over town!

Also...snacks. Yes, you heard us. Get yourself something to enjoy back home, something easy, something to reward yourself with for having gone through the trouble of getting all those ingredients together, something to give you a bit of energy and get you ready for the activities ahead!

But before all this, the very first thing you can do, which also acts as motivation, is to dress up your kitchen in a way that really makes you excited about cooking. Of course, with a limitless budget you can go all out crazy on this but there’s no need. You don’t have to replace your entire kitchen counter just to get motivated! You’d be surprised how the simplest, most affordable items can carry you to a place of excitement and happiness about cooking. Take for instance these five small items, which we love and want to shamelessly plug:

Poppies and Posies Apron

The uplifting art of Jubilee features a whimsical collection of florals and fruits! This is a Chef Apron anyone would be proud to wear. The sophisticated design is made of 100% cotton for easy care. Just tie at the waist and use the metal double D-rings to adjust the neck. There’s cooks out there that opt out of aprons and just decide to cook in home clothes they can easily wash but, believe us, it makes a big difference to have something to “put on” when you cook, so you get into that mind space of chopping it out the right way and really doing a delicious job you can be proud of!

Tuscan Terrace Kitchen Towel

We love the idea of a trip to Tuscany, so we created this design evocative of an Italian garden villa. And there’s nothing shy or demure about our Kitchen Towels! The bold print demands attention—and deserves it. Our towels are made of natural woven cotton so they’re as practical as they are impressive.



Tea Towel: Multi Butterflies

Bring natural beauty into your kitchen with this butterfly tea towel. It features types of butterflies of all sorts of shapes and colors, inspiring your culinary work with the beauty of natural variety.



Homemade Happiness Silicone Spatulas

To compliment the apron, something to bring a smile to your face just as you’re about to reach for a spatula to mix up those lovely smelling ingredients releasing their aromas into the pan or wok, here’s an item to make happiness homemade with our best-selling spatula in six feel-good designs. Complete with a sleek white canister display, these colorful wares are designed with high heat-resistant, easy-to-clean silicone and a removable wooden handle.

Pink Grapefruit Handcare Caddy

With all that inevitable dishwashing going on, hand care is important and for that purpose we highly recommend one of our favorite caddies as an accompaniment to the side of your sink. This foaming hand soap comes in our all-time best-selling fragrance: zesty Pink Grapefruit. A natural, bright scent for the kitchen. The silver-toned caddy holds the Foaming Hand Soap and rich Hand and Body Lotion together in one place in an elegant and convenient fashion.

There’s no shortage of small items like this that can turn your kitchen into a lovely place to cook in and make you feel like you’re doing it right!

Dinner Table Decoration (and why it matters)

Let's talk about a crucial ingredient in the recipe for a memorable dinner party – the art of table decoration. Just imagine your friends and family walking into your dining space, and their eyes are met with a charmingly set table. It's not just about the food; it's about the entire experience! Your friends appreciate the effort, and your family senses that something extra special is happening.

The way you make a set table charming is one small thing at a time. It’s the small things that matter and add up into the whole ensemble. For instance, set up some simple lights for a warm, inviting ambiance. Consider a festive tablecloth or some cute napkin folding to add a touch of charm. These modest additions really add up!

At Spectrum Store, we don’t believe that you necessarily need a grand budget to make a lasting impression. It's the little things that can turn an ordinary meal into a special event! For that purpose, we’ve chosen a few items from our collection, check them out and see if there’s anything you think would go great with what you already have!

Luminary Lanterns - Pink Orchid

Add a touch of ambiance to any space with Modgy Luminary Lanterns in Pink Orchid. These lanterns create a captivating atmosphere using water and water-activated, floating LED candles and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Whatever the occasion, these luminary lanterns can really enhance the mood. Plus, they're perfect for everyday use, eliminating concerns about fire hazards with their flameless, floating candles. Enjoy the glow without worry!

Trivet - The Kiss

MODGY introduces a marriage of fun and functionality with our latest creation, The Kiss Silicone Trivet. Unlike traditional, heat-retaining silicone trivets, ours break the mold with modern, playful patterns. The patent-pending channels underneath allow heat to escape, ensuring your table or countertop stays cool. These non-slip trivets are not only functional but also fabulous, protecting surfaces with style. Made from 100% Food Grade Silicone, our trivets are heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, doubling as a versatile Spatula/Spoon Rest or a large coaster for pitchers.

Serving Tray - Marble Pattern

Reimagine green marble as a trendy Serving Tray with our Marble Pattern design. Once a staple piece of furniture at home, now it's transformed into a stylish tray for serving your guests during house gatherings. Elevate your hosting game with this sleek and versatile serving solution.

Merlion Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Add a touch of charm to your dining table with our adorable Merlion Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. Handcrafted from fine porcelain, these shakers depict the iconic Merlion spouting water when placed together. Not only functional but also a delightful conversation starter, these shakers serve as a unique statement piece for your dining decor.


Foodie Coaster Set 1 & 2

Bring the flavors of your favorite hawker center dishes to your dining table with our Foodie Coaster Set 1 & Foodie Coaster Set 2. Perfect for setting the mood early, these coasters are designed to tease your guests' appetites. Delay the meal for a moment, building anticipation, and then unveil the real feast. Your guests will appreciate the playful touch, turning you into their personal dining hero! Explore Set 1 and Set 2 for a variety of mouthwatering options.

Sharing the Love through Food

Remember that cooking, especially for special occasions like a Christmas dinner party, is not just about the ingredients and recipes. It's an art that extends beyond the stove, embracing your entire kitchen and dining space.

The joy derived from your loved ones appreciating your meal is undeniable, and here at Spectrum Store, we understand the power of adding that extra layer of style to that experience. Whether it's finding motivation during preparation or setting a charming dinner table, we've got you covered!

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