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Welcome, dear readers, to the festive joy that is the holiday season! As we usher in the spirit of Christmas to the vibrant city of Singapore, we're thrilled to introduce you to a significant tradition - stocking stuffers! They bring a delightful blend of culture and camaraderie, and what better way to introduce a touch of warmth and holiday joy to our workplaces than gift-giving?

In this post, we'll explore the joy of gifting by catering to five distinct personality types commonly found in the workplace and friend groups. From the unwavering Coffeeholic to the spirited Joker, the charming Personality Hire, the creative Decorator, and the cosy Homebody, we've got the perfect stocking stuffer under $25 for each individual.

But that's not all; along the way, we'll also share five cool brands that have stolen our hearts at Spectrum Store. These brands, with their unique offerings, embody the spirit of thoughtful giving and add an extra dash of magic to this festive season. So, without further ado, let's discover what these brands are and the interesting products we have in store!

The Coffeeholic would love:  Hook Coffee

The Coffeeholic is the type of person who requires coffee to function, so much so that they would drink 8 cups of coffee a day, if needed. And what’s a better gift than Hook Coffee’s variety of coffee products? 

Hook Coffee is a home-grown brand founded by two Singaporeans, Ernest and Faye. Ever since their launch in 2016, they've been on a mission to make great and responsible coffee accessible to everyone. Their flavours are enough to keep any coffee enthusiast busy with interesting takes on Singapore-favourites like this Singablend Hook Bag that is a fun play on the classic Iced Gem Biscuits we know and love. The friends who enjoy local Singaporean products would surely love this home-grown Singapore brand.


Spectrum Store’s Pick: Cherry Bomb Hook Bags and Birds of Paradise Shotpods

The Joker would love:  Gift Republic

The Joker is the guy/gal/pal that we have a love-and-hate relationship with in the office or our friend circle. We can’t help but laugh along with their jokes. Their kind of comedy is free, but why not show them some love by gifting them a Christmas novelty item from Gift Republic

Based in South Wimbledon, the company was founded in 2006 and sooner later, established their range of fun gifts worldwide. We love the modern and adorable designs that their products have. Not only that, they also cater to giftees of all ages. For our Joker friends, they would certainly enjoy these reusable and engaging Emergency Kits that would make the whole place laugh. 


Spectrum Store’s Pick: Emergency Moustaches and Emergency Teeth.

The Personality Hire would love: Two Left Feet

The Personality Hire is a term that was popularised by TikTok this year. These friends are often extroverts with the most social skills and they absolutely love to start a conversation. Well, what’s a better conversation starter than Two Left Feet’s novelty socks? 

Two Left Feet is a unique collection of high-quality socks with eccentric style and a good dose of humour. Our social butterflies would enjoy their pun-tastic designs and themed socks according to the season, like this Nut Cracker Christmas sock! Watch them turn some heads this holiday season.


Spectrum Store’s Pick: Chatterbox socks and Christmas socks.

The Decorator would love: Boxer Gifts 

If you are a big fan of The Office series just like us, you would have seen how the ‘Party Planning Committee’ goes all in with their office decorations. The Decorator would have been the coworker who always decorates their desk and workplace, and the friend who works hard to jazz up every party. 

We feel that they deserve some extra love this season for their dedication, and Boxer Gifts is a perfect brand for the job. Boxer Gifts is a British company that designs, manufactures, and supplies unique, fun, and quality gift items. We absolutely love their huge collection of quirky and memorable wall and office decor. One special product would be their Grow Something series that are pocket-sized toys that grow up to 6 times their usual height. These decorations would surely make our friends smile all Christmas long.

Spectrum Store’s Pick: Grow A Santa Claus and Grow A Christmas Elf.

The Homebody would love: Heart & Home

The Homebody is a hearth-loving soul that just enjoys the warmth and comfort of their own home. You’d have better luck asking, “Can I come over?”, instead of inviting them for a night out. Even though we only get to hang out with them twice a year (we kid!), we can’t ever forget them this holiday season.

Heart & Home is a brand that they would surely enjoy, not just for their wondrous collection of soy-based candles, but their active mission to provide eco-friendly and sustainable home fragrance solutions. Heart & Home’s candles are sure to fill our pal’s homes with a memorable and pleasant scent. While their reed diffusers would make for a wonderful alternative to candles in the workplace.


Spectrum Store’s Pick: Reed Diffuser: Simply Mulberry and 38g Scent Cup: Amalfi Lemon 

Wrapping Up

And there you have it - a delightful sleigh ride through the world of stocking stuffers under $25! As we wrap up this Christmas gift guide, we hope you've discovered the perfect office gift for your colleagues, friends, and loved ones. The joy of giving is a gift in itself, and with the right stocking stuffer, you're sure to bring a smile to the faces of those who matter most.

At Spectrum Store, we've curated a selection of unique gift ideas from brands like Hook Coffee, Gift Republic, Two Left Feet, Boxer Gifts, and Heart & Home, each adding a special touch to the art of gifting. Whether it's a quirky Emergency Kit for the office Joker or a cosy Heart & Home candle for the Homebody, these stocking stuffers are tokens of thoughtfulness that will be remembered long after the tinsel is packed away. Merry Christmas and happy gift-giving!

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