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With the holidays just around the corner, get ready for some quality time with friends and family! After you've had your fill of festive feasts and you're lounging, why not add an extra touch of fun to your gatherings? How about something laid-back, a midway point between excitement and relaxation? 

Well, look no further. We've curated a list of fantastic board games that cater to all ages. If you’ve never tried board games before, you might think they won’t catch on but, you’d be surprised. Here’s some reasons why they almost always do:

Good for ADHD Individuals:

Board games offer more than just entertainment; they serve as a structured yet engaging activity, particularly beneficial for those with ADHD. The clear rules and objectives create a framework, offering a sense of order that can help individuals stay on task. It helps keep people grounded, relaxed and focuses their attention without overwhelming them. They create an enjoyable context for conversation, keeping everybody talking, even the quiet ones.

Good for Keeping Kids Busy:

Another good thing about board games is how they develop cognitive and social skills in children. Instead of letting hyperactivity spiral out of control, engaging kids in board games channels their energy into a constructive and fun activity. Cooperative board games teach teamwork and communication, essential social skills for kids. Moreover, the tactile nature of these games contributes to fine motor skill development.

Good for bridging the Introvert/Extrovert Gap:

Board games are a social ice breaker that help to remove barriers between introverts and extroverts. They ease the pressure of direct social interaction. Introverts find comfort in the defined rules and a context for engagement. Extroverts, on the other hand, thrive on the social aspect of the game, enjoying the opportunity for interaction and communication. The shared experience of playing a game creates a common ground, making it easier for both personality types to connect.

Now let's kick off this list that will keep you, your family, and your friends entertained during those lazy holiday afternoons! Ready for some memorable moments? Let the games begin!

Singapore Marina Bay Sands 1000-Pieces Puzzle

You might think puzzles are a bit too “classic” and I mean sure, intense games are an option too, but we're aiming for something more laid back after a holiday meal, right? A balance to keep your hands busy while you talk and relax. Here at Spectrum, we’ve got just the thing:

Introducing the Singapore Marina Bay Sands 1000-Pieces Puzzle, featuring a beautiful sunset of the iconic landmark. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why puzzle out MBS when you can just...go there?

Well, because. Been there, done that, right? Besides, holidays are about lazy times and this is just the thing to keep your hands busy while you relax during chats with friends. Plus, it's family-friendly, providing a visual memory challenge for the kids to keep them busy while you enjoy some quality time!

So, gather 'round, let the laughter (or gossip!) flow, and piece together a splendid Singaporean sunset. It's a fantastic addition to any gathering or occasion. Let the puzzling begin!

Yoga Stack

Dive into the world of playful yoga with the Gift Republic Yoga Stack! Without a doubt, I’m the first to admit yoga might seem like a stretch (pun intended) for some of us. Those poses can be challenging, to say the least.

So before you find yourself completely intimidated by an overly flexible instructor at your next yoga class, why not start off with something light and fun?

In this stacking game, you get to play around with and see for yourself all the poses you probably shouldn’t be doing without professional assistance on standby and several ice packs at the ready! Find out how many poses you can stack on top of each other as a fun little competition with your friends or family!

Moral Conflict: Family Edition

This game is a riot, especially if you're in the mood to lovingly roast your family and friends. It's like a hilarious trip down memory lane with a twist of mischief. Who’s ready to spill the beans on who's most likely to drop something in the toilet accidentally or claim to have been abducted by aliens? It's all in good fun, and the laughter is contagious.

The scenarios on each card range from the absurd to the surprisingly specific, prompting everyone to nominate the family member or friend they think fits the bill. It's all in the spirit of playful teasing, and the best part? The person with the fewest nominations emerges as the ultimate champion of good behavior! Imagine the bragging rights at the next family gathering.

So, why is this game a winner for your next social event? It's simple, it's hilarious, and it brings out the mischievous side in everyone.

Bananagrams Word-A-Melon

Introducing the Bananagrams Word-A-Melon — a game that's worth a melon of fun!

In this delightful spelling game, it's all about indulging in the essence of a fruity treat. Grab the dice, roll it and devour the watermelon by crafting the most significant words from its slices. For each letter you use, you get to relish that piece of watermelon and collect the seeds.

For the little ones, it’s an entertaining way to challenge their spelling skills and practice. For the grownups, it’s the perfect pretext to try and spell out banter words and witty remarks at each other for laughs. It's the perfect blend of wordplay and fruity fun that guarantees a melon of a time for everyone at the table!

Our recommendation for this: pair it with some real tasty fruit rewards! Get the kids involved in a spelling competition to see who wins a fruit to eat next!

Here at Spectrum Store, we love curating our collection of games because to us, they’re not just a set of pieces; they're gateways to shared experiences, bringing together all personality types, young and old, in a tapestry of fun and connection! So, as the holidays unfold, let the laughter flow, the puzzles come together and the friendly competition begin!

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