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Calling all coffee lovers out there! 

Does it ever get hard finding a good coffee in the morning? Something that wakes you up and is aromatically pleasing? We got you covered! 

We got brewing to find out more about them and you can check their response below: 


Why/How Hook Coffee was founded?

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Ever since our launch in 2016, we've been on a mission to make great and responsible coffee accessible to everyone. Anyone should be able to enjoy speciality coffee. This is why accessibility (in terms of approachability, affordability, convenience, and coffee in all formats) is so important to us. Equally importantly, we want you to be having a heck of a fun time learning about, brewing, and drinking our coffees. 

That's what we're all about! We see ourselves as a conduit for coffee farmers. Socially and environmentally sustainable coffee is our medium through which we enable conversation (which is where it all starts), in turn developing an understanding and appreciation of the origin and stories behind the things we consume every day. Everything we do comes down to a simple calling: To empower coffee farmers and lovers alike to #makecoffeebetter.


What makes Hook Coffee say yes when launching any product? 

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Quality and taste! The most important thing to us when it comes to launching a product is ensuring that the product has a top-tiered quality and taste our customers can enjoy for a long time. 


What is Hook Coffee’s favourite design that has been created? 

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We do not have a favourite, we love them all the same. 


What is Hook Coffee’s most used item among the team? 

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Coffee, for sure! 


What’s the one item that almost got away?

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Our team's favourite coffee is Cherry Bomb. It was sold out for a moment but we managed to restock it and now, we'll never run out.


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You can check their collections here:

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