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I’m sure we are all scrolling through our mobile devices, adding items to our carts and getting ready for the 9.9. 

Let us share some of our NEW items that just came in for those who still have no clue what you want to get. Don’t be shy, you might not realise that you want them yet. 


1. Stress Toys 

9.9 Sales - Spectrum Store SG - Stress Toys

Meet Bob the Blob, Chad the F**kboy and Meditation Kitty (we know who is the main character here). 

Not only are they portable, but how can you resist not squeezing them? Transfer that stress to them and let them absorb it, leaving you feeling better after. 

So click here and get yourself a Bob, Chad or Meditation Kitty right now. 


2. Dices

9.9 Sales - Spectrum Store SG - Dices

Can’t seem to make a decision? Want to spice things up? How about adding new routines? 

Let the dice decide for you for drinking, massage, exercise, stress management and many more! 

Start deciding here and check their collections. 


3. Games

9.9 Sales - Spectrum Store SG - Games

A gathering can never go wrong when you have games to play so let us introduce you to games I bet you never heard of or seen before:

Cat-astrophe: Are you scared of heights? Do you know who else isn’t scared of heights? yes, cats. Flexing their 9 lives, stack the purrrfect kitties as high as you can and challenge yourself or take turns with your friends. Make sure to stay pawsitive and keep a steady hand - be warned if you make the stack tumble, you’re meeeeowt!

Would You Dare? Challenge Cards: Got a party or bachelorette coming up? Challenge your friends with this outrageous 18+ pack of cards.

Girls Night Out Trivia: Planning a friend's birthday or hen do? Grab the Girls Night Out challenge cards to watch hours of entertainment unfold.

Loving the theme so far? Or maybe it’s not captivating you yet? Fret not, we guarantee you will find something here


4. Mindful Cards

9.9 Sales - Spectrum Store SG - Mindful Cards

New age healing has really set its’ foot down and become a ritual for most of us. Mindful cards are perfect for those searching for clarity, needing a little boost, or simply needing direction. From stress management to sleeping easy, getting started with meditation, detoxing from digital and boosting your brain. 

Find your cards here.


5. DIY Kits

9.9 Sales - Spectrum Store SG - DIY Kits

Calling for all DIY lovers, we got you! 

Bringing in interesting and convenient kits and all ready for you to get started on your mini project - simple and compact. Suitable for 3 years old and above. Start crafting and be amazed at what you can create. 

Shop here.

We are throwing in FREE delivery for this month from today onwards with no minimum spent! Simply code: “SHIPITFREE!

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