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We celebrate Singapore’s 57th National Day with “Stronger Together, Majulah!” and this year is unique because we managed to strive through a tough time together - now, stronger than ever. 


If you are staying home during this public holiday and taking a well-rested day off, here are our top 5 local favourite brands that Spectrum Store Singapore brought in to keep you company while staying true to your spirit.


1. Red Republic 

Red Republic

 Starting out as a Souvenir from Singapore, Red Republic rebranded with their unique style, inspired by Singapore’s diverse culture and lifestyle - offering us a range of items both decorative and functional. Suited for both locals and foreigners, looking for an interesting gift or for yourself. 


One of our favourite and the most used item would be the Kopi Mug - fits perfectly for all the kopi, kopi-o, kopi-c, kopi peng and we can on and on but you get it. All the kopi lovers out there are supporting our local coffee shop. 


2. Nom Nom Plush 

Nom Nom Plush

Enjoy the local delights with zero calories!

You heard that right - enjoy your favourites with Curry Puffs, Bubble Tea, Ice Cream Sandwich, Wa Ko Kueh, Pineapple Tart and Otah. Hug it, pouch it, hang it and store your pens/pencils in them, you get to choose. 




You can’t get any quirkier than them! 

Designed locally, blending both local and international appeal. Not only focusing on the overall over but the clever details and quality of their goods represent our approach to the conventional idea of the ubiquitous souvenir: bold, cheeky and slightly surprising.

Drawing inspiration from all things in our backyard which give Singapore its distinct identity, be it intriguing laws which may seem peculiar to outsiders, or local lingo which leaves foreigners scratching their heads.


4. OK CAN/Meykrs

OK CAN/Meykrs

I know, we can’t get enough food-related cushions and pouches! Bringing our favourite childhood snacks with us without over-consuming them? - Yes, please! 

Ranges from Fishball Cushion, Fishball Keychain and Pink Gem Biscuit Coin Pouch, are such cute accessories to throw on your couch or bag. Besides being quirky, it is also functional and it spices the daily objects that we use - bringing touches of laughter or a nostalgic moment.


5. Wet Tee Shirt 

Wet Tee Shirt

Keeping the Singaporelang alive with graphic tees since 2014 and bringing Singaporean closer together with shared childhood and deepening Singapore culture. 


Not only does each t-shirt is designed with local humour that Singaporeans will be able to identify and relate deeply with, but it also makes a perfect gift for tourists who wish to bring a part of Singapore back to their country.


6. Now&Then


 Asking for a perfect gift? Get yourself some magnets or canvas bag or even plates/mugs!


Now&Then turns Singapore's landscape, culture, and lifestyle into gifts. A good gift is more than just a useful item, it is an extension of the memorable experiences we have accumulated throughout our lives. The Now & Then collection is perfect for souvenirs and corporate gifts.

Special Shout Out: 

1. Robert Fredrick - MBS puzzle 

Robert Fredrick - MBS 1000-piece puzzle

Calling all puzzle lovers in this 1000-piece puzzle by Robert Fredrick which capsulate the iconic Marina Bay Sands overlooking the sunset. 

2. Notebook - The Old Singapore Notebook 

Notebook - The Old Singapore Notebook

Beautiful artwork of the earlier times in Singapore particularly in Collyer Quay, Malay Dwelling House, Victoria Theatre and Memorial Hall, Chinese Temple, The Singapore General Post Office, Raffles Museum & Library, Orchard Road and lastly, Botanic Gardens. 


Blank pages with spiral binding to make it easier for you to jot down notes or even draw in them.


3. Playing Cards: Singapore Scenes 

Singapore Playing cards

Commemorate this national day with a few games with friends and family!

54 cards with 54 scenes around Singapore - a gateway to Asia with old and new blended, from buildings to food. 

Check out our local favourites and shop the entire collection here: https://www.spectrumstore.sg/collections/local

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