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Embarking on a new year means embracing fresh beginnings and setting the stage for future accomplishments. As we dive into the excitement of planning goals, it's crucial to approach it with a mindset that maximizes our chances for success. No more falling into the trap of unrealistic objectives or the all-or-nothing mentality. Let's navigate the journey of goal achievement with purpose and practicality.

We get it; we've all been there. Downloading language apps with grand aspirations of becoming polyglots, only to abandon ship a few weeks later, haunted by the guilt of keeping the app on our phones, just in case. But here's the real wisdom behind it: it's not a failure of achievement; it's a failure of understanding our true priorities.

But here is the key–despite these failures, it's not about how many times you stumble; it's about how many times you rise again. It’s not about failure or success. It’s about accepting that some goals will truly mean something to you and others, despite expectation, won’t.

So let's shift the focus from merely setting goals to choosing the right ones and actually reaching them. Here are some practical tips and tricks to guide you on this journey:

Set up the "why"

Consider the 'why' as the heartbeat of your aspirations, the energy propelling you forward. Take a moment to really think about the “why” and define it because uncovering the 'why' is like discovering the secret cache of motivation that will put you back on track when you need it.

When you think about the “why”, also take a moment to reflect on the joy of achieving it. As you set your sights on the coming year, let the 'why' be the driving force. What does each goal mean to you on a deeper level? Is it about growth, resilience, or embracing new things? These answers forge a profound connection between your goals and your personal story, making every step towards them much more powerful.

Break it down

Don’t use others as your “measurement” for how big your steps should be. Stay humble. This is Your personal journey and grand gestures are pointless. Forget about them and let’s start from the ground up.

Don’t “estimate” what you can handle. Put it to the test. Try things out for a day or two and find the answer to the most important question you will ever ask yourself in reaching a goal: What’s the easiest thing you can consistently do in a day? Easiest is key. You might think you should challenge yourself with something difficult, and that sounds good for a day or two, but then imagine 5 days, 20 days, 100 days and guess what? You’ll probably have to stop because you exhausted yourself and that’s usually the point where a lot of us give up on the whole journey, when, it wasn’t the journey that was hard, it was how much you were choosing to walk each day.

The secret here is modesty. Don’t worry, you’ll reach the finish line anyway. The question is: how much can you comfortably go towards it, in a day? And the key word is “comfort”. You don’t need to discomfort yourself. There’s probably enough in your life doing that already.

What you need is a fair, modest measurement of whatever energy you have left right now, after dealing with everything else in your life, per day. The best way to measure that is to practically try it out and see exactly how much you can do in a day, however small it may be and don't feel discomforted by it. That’s your starting point. That defines your step size.

Practice that small step we’ve just defined for a long time and every once in a while, throw in a bit more and see if you’re still comfortable. Don’t be surprised if in a month or two, you’ll be able to increase that step much more.

Build a solid foundation for Your journey, banking on the powerful snowball effect that starts with the smallest actions. The rest will handle itself.

Reward yourself

It's essential to remember that you're not in this to be your own personal staff. Think of yourself as a co-captain on this adventure, steering your ship towards success. It's crucial to treat yourself and your body with kindness, creating a harmonious balance and providing the self-care your journey deserves.

While motivation is key, it's equally important to progress towards your goals from a place of restfulness and readiness. Respecting your need for rest is not a sign of weakness but a strategic move in the game of goal achievement. It's in these pauses that you rejuvenate, ensuring that when you hit the road again, you're doing so with full vigor and enthusiasm.

Rewards are not just a pat on the back; they're the fuel that keeps you going between the milestones to your goal. Celebrate the small victories along the way, acknowledging the progress you've made. Reward yourself for them because often enough, these rewards act as the wind beneath your sails.

Stay accountable

In the fast-paced digital era, staying focused on our goals can be a challenge amidst the constant distractions. One effective strategy to combat this is by creating a physical, visual reminder. Choose a private space that is mostly yours, perhaps the bedroom mirror or the kitchen wall, a spot your eyes naturally gravitate towards daily and in that spot, add a symbolic, physical reminder about the journey towards your chosen goals.

Whether it’s a post-it note or anything else, you need to create some kind of visual cue. This serves as your daily reset button, a gentle nudge steering you back on course whenever the chaos threatens to pull you away.

Whatever cue you have, we suggest that next to it you also write “You’re doing great!”. Don’t make this visual cue some kind of self criticism you’ll eventually shy away from, that’s the wrong idea and it’ll work against you. Instead, create it as your understanding ally, that accepts your strengths and faults, that doesn’t judge. It’s a compass, a tool, an encouragement and something to help you remember where you’d like to be headed. It’s a sign of respect towards yourself and the progress you’ve made so far, however little or great it may be.

If you’d like to do more than a post-it note, our team at Spectrum Store has a curated selection of calendars that we think are great for these visual cues in your personal space. You can mark off days and write some small encouragements as you go along.

Be warned! They’re also quirky themed in their own way, which we think will lighten the mood a bit so when you do see them, they’re not just a blank reminder, but a small part of your personality and a “lighter” way to progress towards your goals.


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Keep Moving Forward

As we embark on the new year, let's remember to give thanks for all we’ve achieved so far! To redefine our approach to goal-setting so we give ourselves a great chance to reach them and set up the journey towards them in a way that is actually enjoyable! 

Our team at Spectrum Store wishes you a wonderful holiday season and a great rest of the year. Check out our physical store or website for more items to accompany you in the new year to come!

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