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When alarm bells are ringing, deadlines are looming and peace feels like a lifetime away: take a deep breath. We know just what the doctor ordered, and it's spicier than you think. Meet our 3 Questions a Day Journal.


What’s so special about the 3 Questions a Day Journal? Besides your inner peace.


3 questions a day to help you start your day write

Each page is curated to help you imagine the positive potential of the day ahead. For an act that's so simple it can be done by the time you've finished your morning brew, the possibilities for decluttering your mind, unlocking new ideas and reducing anxiety are infinite.


A simple way to put you first, everyday.

 It's true what they say, a kind word goes a long way. That's why we peppered positive reminders throughout this journal, so you can experience the ripple effect of your act of self-compassion.



  • 6 months of 3 daily questions

  •  Gentle encouragements increase positivity

    Paper storage pocket for odds and end

  • Linen binding

    Ribbon bookmark

  • Highly giftable


    Materials:    Linen binding, FSC 100gsm cream paper

    Dimensions:    W13.5cm x H21cm x D2cm

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