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Singapore has seen a growing acceptance of tarot card reading, with individuals using basic divination and spiritual alignment for stability in their lives. While we do have some talented practitioners in the country, there is a thriving group of curious cats eager to learn how to read tarot cards themselves. 

The best approach for those interested in learning is to acquire a tarot deck accompanied by a comprehensive guidebook. The deck should be beginner-friendly and easy to use, meaning, there shouldn’t be any Where’s Waldo? Easter eggs that would leave you even more confused. Which brings us to our next point…

When searching for where to purchase tarot decks in Singapore, it's important to be cautious of suspiciously low prices (think $7-15 SGD for a Rider-Waite deck) often associated with online businesses selling counterfeit decks. These fake tarot decks will come with misprinted art, awful paper quality, and a confusing guidebook with poorly forged instructions. 

As a new practitioner, you would be tempted to get these because of the affordability. After all, this is your first time trying to read the cards on your own. It may not be your cup of tea. To be completely honest, we’ve all been there! But we highly urge you to avoid this path. Not only will these decks leave you even more confused, you would have also spent your funds unnecessarily on a deck you will eventually chuck away. 

Tarot decks are a significant, and even sacred, tool for self-exploration and fortune-telling. Most practitioners connect with their practice using these cards, and this is why we recommend that you purchase the authentic copies instead. You will avoid the headaches of starting out and you will feel even more connected to the deck of your choosing. 

New and old, we support every practitioner to new age healing. So we have rounded up a list of stores where you can purchase a wide variety of original tarot decks to get you started on your divination journey. Read on to find out!

1. Spectrum

We absolutely had to include ourselves on the list because we love all things New Age! Spectrum has over 200 different tarot decks of all shapes, sizes, and art styles, making us a one-stop shop for all of your tarot needs. You will find traditional decks, historical decks, modern decks, and more. Aside from these, we also specialise in other New Age tools that can serve as useful companions to your tarot cards, such as Journals, Books, Pouches, Crystals, and Rune Stones. Our physical store is conveniently located in the heart of town at Suntec City. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, we have something for everyone!

Located at: 3 Temasek Blvd, #02-433/434 Suntec City Tower 5, Singapore 038986

2. Qi New Age Healing 

Also located in Central Singapore, Qi New Age Healing is a household name in the spiritual community here. Their store is a must-visit for rare crystals and services such as tarot readings and healing sessions in Singapore. Apart from these offerings, they also carry a diverse line of oracle and tarot decks, and altar cloths. Do let them know if you have any concerns regarding your first deck, as their helpful staff (many of whom are also practitioners of the craft) will be more than happy to point you to a suitable deck based on your preference and experience! 

Located at: 42 Kandahar Street Singapore 198896

3. Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya is a large bookstore chain that sells a wide variety of books and materials, including tarot cards and New Age books. They have a wide selection of tarot decks to choose from, including popular decks like the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and the Thoth Tarot Deck. They also have a good selection of New Age books on topics like spirituality, meditation, and yoga which you can pick up on to accompany your divination practice! 

Located at: Multiple Branches, click here for more. 

4. Love.Magic.Sparkles

Love.Magic.Sparkles is a new age boutique with a curated selection of Indie Tarot & Oracle decks. This unique shop is owned and managed by Lori, a Singaporean New Age practitioner who’s passionate about bringing self-published tarot decks from creators all over the world to Singapore, where people like her can also enjoy these lovely works of art in their everyday ritual. Apart from decks, she has also brought in products like Books, Journals, Incense kits, Candles, Body products, and more, all of which are specially curated by Lori and made of high quality materials. 

Located at: Love.Magic.Sparkles is an online store - check out their products here.

5. Life by Design

This eclectic shop is a hidden gem in Singapore’s New Age scene. Life by Design is a metaphysical store that has a wide variety of items, spanning from statues to charms to tarot decks to history books. If you are an individual who believes in polytheism, this shop is a must-visit. Patrons also frequent this store for their healing sessions and consultations with their helpful and experienced practitioners. Aside from their extensive collection of tarot decks, you would be delighted by the exclusive reading materials available for purchase in their boutique.

Located at: Golden Landmark Shopping Centre #03-13, 390 Victoria St, Singapore 188061

Things to note before buying your first Tarot Deck

  • Research and Choose a Deck That Resonates with You — Take the time to explore different tarot decks and their artwork. Each deck has its own unique symbolism and artistic style. Select a deck that resonates with you on a personal level, as this will enhance your connection with the cards and make learning and reading them more enjoyable in the long term. We recommend making a mood board of the art styles you enjoy or find comfort in, and choose the decks that have the same design and look.

    • Learn How to Read Tarot Cards — Before diving into readings, take the time to learn the basics of tarot. Familiarise yourself with the meanings of each card, understand the different spreads used for readings, and study the symbolism and numerology associated with the cards. There are many books, online courses, and resources available to help you learn tarot. For visual learners, platforms like YouTube and TikTok have easy to digest tutorials to help you get started! 

    • Trust Your Intuition and Practise Regularly — Tarot reading is not solely about memorising card meanings; it also involves tapping into your intuition and developing your own interpretations. Trust your gut feelings and intuition when interpreting cards. Practise regularly by doing readings for yourself and others to build confidence and hone your skills.

    • Bonus tip: Avoid Sharing your Tarot Deck with Another — You might hear this again from the shops where you buy your first deck from, but we’d like to cover ground now. While it’s exciting to show your first deck to your friends, know that it is your spiritual tool from here on out. To be able to trust its readings requires forming a bond with your deck and recognising it as an extension of yourself. If a friend is keen to use your deck for their own reading, please note that their experience may differ from yours as they do not have time to build the same bond you have. It is perfectly fine to decline the invitation but you should be alright with it, we recommend that you also cleanse your tarot deck afterwards (to reset the energy within the cards).

    We hope you found this post helpful! Our team at Spectrum is here to serve you for all of your New Age spirituality needs. Check out our website to see our full collection!

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