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Halloween, rooted deeply in Irish and Scottish traditions, has transcended continents and now envelops Singapore in its eerie embrace. Despite its small size, Singapore pulses with Halloween spirit, offering an array of thrilling activities for every brave soul. Join us on a journey through 8 chilling delights that await you in this vibrant city!


1. Universal Studios Singapore's Halloween Horror Nights

Prepare for a night of terror at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights! With five haunted houses, three scare zones, and two spine-chilling shows, this experience promises to haunt your dreams. Brace yourself for a sinister Halloween adventure like no other!


2. Resorts World Sentosa's Trick or Thrill Events

Resorts World Sentosa pulls out all the stops for Halloween! From meet-and-greets with iconic characters to candy giveaways and exclusive character pins, it’s a Halloween celebration you won’t forget. Dance with The Candy Crooks and The Lolly Bandits and embark on The Candy Conquest – a sweet adventure awaits!


3. Spooky Trails and Ghost Tours

Delve into Singapore’s haunted history with spine-tingling walks and ghost tours. Explore the eerie streets of Changi Point with “Walk with Hantu: Changi” and uncover the mysteries of Fort Canning on "The Ghosts of Forbidden Hill Fort Canning" tour. Get ready for ghost stories that will send shivers down your spine!


4. Halloween Party at a Club

Put on your detective hat and experience the thrill at Zouk Singapore’s “A Night To Die For: Prom-ting A Murder”. Solve a murder mystery amidst a Halloween-themed party atmosphere. Unleash your inner detective and immerse yourself in a night of suspense and excitement.


5. Escape Rooms for the Brave

Challenge your bravery with spine-chilling escape rooms designed to terrify and thrill. Can you escape the haunted realm in time, or will you become a permanent resident of the supernatural world? Test your wits and courage in these immersive experiences!


6. Halloween Themed Meals

Indulge your eerie appetite at Shangri-La Orchard, Dusit Thani Laguna, The Ritz-Carlton, and more. Explore Halloween-themed menus be it at a buffet, push cart, restaurants or rooftop bar featuring spine-chilling delicacies and themed decorations that transport you to a supernatural world. It’s not just a meal; it’s an unforgettable feast for the senses!


7. Explore the Surreal at Haw Par Villa

Step into the surreal world of Haw Par Villa, where eerie sculptures from Hell’s Museum brings you through Asian mythology and culture based on ancient Chinese folklore and Buddhist texts. Experience a unique atmosphere during Halloween, making your visit an unforgettable journey into the unknown.


8. Zombie Runs and Walkabout

It’s not just a race; it’s a battle for survival. Join the 1.5km fun race across the SAS campus, where runners navigate infested "Zombie Zones" to protect their "lives". If you are not down for a run, opt for the Yew Lian Park Residents’ Association where you can bring your kids for a fun evening for a Halloween walkabout, immersing yourself in the spooky neighborhood atmosphere.

This Halloween season, Singapore offers a spellbinding array of activities that promise to send chills down your spine and create memories to last a lifetime. If these heart-racing adventures aren’t your cup of tea, fear not! Treat yourself or your loved ones to our range of Halloween collection, ensuring your Halloween is filled with both frights and delights.

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