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Welcome to 2023, where the world is once again opening its doors to eager tourists, and your dream destination is finally within reach. But before you embark on your adventure, let's talk about travel essentials.

Sure, we all know which clothes to bring, but have you ever found yourself in another country desperately needing an item you left at home? We're talking about the little things, like a pen, notebook, or a reusable grocery bag. It's frustrating to have to settle for low-quality options from a convenience or souvenir store, only to toss them away once you're back home. Not only is it not environmentally friendly, but it's also not the most cost-effective solution.

Thankfully, there's a better way to travel sustainably and in style. We've compiled a list of our top six eco-friendly travel essentials that are visually appealing, durable, and long-lasting to ensure an enjoyable trip. So say goodbye to the hassle of settling for cheap and disposable options, and hello to a more environmentally conscious and efficient way of travelling!

Travel Smart with Bobino 

Bobino doesn't settle for ordinary products – they elevate them into pragmatic, long-lasting tools that you'll find yourself reaching for day after day. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-time traveller, Bobino's innovative designs allow you to travel with ease and efficiency. Ready to see for yourself? Check out these must-have products that are sure to make your journey unforgettable.

Sustainable Travel Made Easy Essential Picks

#1 Bag Hook by Bobino

Do you ever feel a wave of relief wash over you when you spot those trusty under-the-table hooks at a restaurant? Unfortunately, not all countries are equipped with these convenient accessories, and we're often left with no choice but to balance our backpacks on our laps or the dirty floor. 

Enter their Bag Hook: a portable, reliable companion for your bag, backpack, or purse. Farewell to cramped legs and unsanitary surfaces – this clever gadget is designed to keep your valuables close, safe, and off the ground. With the option to hang your bag on a table or attach it to the leg of a chair, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your surroundings without the worry of theft or inconvenience. So why not take a load off and people-watch from a café's terrace with ease, knowing your belongings are secure with Bobino.

Sustainable Travel Made Easy Essential Picks Spectrum Store SG

#2 Bag Light by Bobino

This backpackers essential will certainly light the way to hassle-free travel!

With their Bag Light, you won't have to struggle in the dark to find what you need in your backpack or purse! Designed with a handy clip, this innovative accessory attaches securely to the inside of your bag and provides a reliable source of light whenever you need it. No more digging around blindly or scrambling for your phone's flashlight – the Bag Light has got you covered. 

Anyone who values convenience will love this versatile tool but we especially recommend this to individuals who often travel with big backpacks, like backpackers, hikers and photographers. Don't let darkness stand in the way of your adventures!

Sustainable Travel Made Easy Essential Picks Spectrum Store SG

#3 Tech Survival Kit by Bobino 

Bobino's Tech Survival Kit is a must-have for those who appreciate practicality and convenience. This ingenious collection of smart tools includes cord organisers that are versatile and fit any device, a desk cable clip, four cable tags, a laptop foot, and a phone stand.

If you’re a person who works on-the-go, like a digital nomad or a remote worker, or just someone who appreciates efficiency, this kit has everything you need to stay organised and productive. The sleek and stylish design of each tool makes them a joy to use, while their superior durability ensures they'll stand the test of time. So if you're tired of fumbling with tangled cords or misplacing your devices, the Tech Survival Kit is the solution you've been looking for.

Stitch Your Adventures with Chasing Threads

Chasing Threads is the perfect companion for the globetrotting crafters out there! They offer a beautiful collection of stitchable travel accessories that are not only stylish but also highly functional and durable. Each piece is designed to capture the essence of your wanderlust and allow you to "sew where you go". 

There's no better way to document your travels than by stitching them into beautiful, unique designs that are personal to you. Whether you're a seasoned stitcher or a beginner, Chasing Threads inspires creativity and encourages everyone to pick up a needle and thread. Start stitching your adventures today with our top picks from their brand!

Sustainable Travel Made Easy Essential Picks Spectrum Store SG

#1 Stitch Star Sign Zip Pouch by Chasing Threads

"If you were looking for a sign, this is it."

Unlock your inner creativity and bring your starry night adventures to life with Chasing Threads' Zodiac Stitch Pouch. This beautiful faux leather pouch is the perfect accessory for any global explorer who wants to travel light and in style. Forget lugging around your backpacks and ruining any holiday ‘fits!

The kit comes complete with a ‘how to stitch’ template for all 12 astrology zodiac signs, so you can choose the one that resonates with you the most. It also includes a needle and cosmic gold thread for your next stellar stitch. You'll love how easy it is to personalise your pouch with your own unique zodiac constellation.

Whether you're using it as a clutch, cosmetic bag, or stationery holdall, this starry zip pouch is incredibly versatile. Going for a walking tour, or perhaps a romantic dinner? The gold zip and detachable wrist strap add a touch of sophistication that makes it suitable for any vacay activity.  

Sustainable Travel Made Easy Essential Picks Spectrum Store SG

#2 Stitch Tote Bag by Chasing Threads

Nowadays, eco-bags are all the rage, and we love to use them on souvenir runs instead of wasting plastic. But it's a shame that many of them are either poorly made or lacking in style. Who says you have to sacrifice fashion and sustainability when you're on the go? With Chasing Thread's Stitch Tote Bag, you can have it all – and even showcase where you've been with their "Stitch Where You've Been" design.

Crafted from gorgeous canvas and printed in stunning gold with the world map, this tote bag is both functional and stylish. And with the included "travel" needle and thread, you can stitch crosses, arrows, or hearts with their luxe emerald thread to mark the places you've visited.

Made from 100% cotton canvas with genuine brown leather handles, gold stud, and exterior pocket detail, this tote bag is built to last. It's perfect for use during your travels and even when you're back home. Show off your style and your worldly adventures with this chic and sustainable travel tote bag – it's a must-have for any eco-conscious and fashion-forward traveller!

Sustainable Travel Made Easy Essential Picks Spectrum Store SG

#3 Stitch Travel Wallet by Chasing Threads

Indulge in luxury and organisation with their trusty navy leather travel organiser. Keep all your travel documents in one stylish and practical place. The perforated world map design allows you to mark every country you visit with a colourful cross, while the reverse side can be personalised with initials or a design.

This rich navy version boasts a magnetic closure for secure storage, and includes a Chasing Threads pen for filling out immigration forms on-the-go. With credit card slots, a pen, a zip pocket for SIM cards or coins, and compartments for your documents and passport, every detail has been considered to keep you organised.

The wallet is printed with a gold world map and comes with teal and gold thread & needle in a gift box with gold foil detailing. This travel wallet is the perfect tool for the modern explorer who values style and function.

Journey sustainably, enjoy fully

May your wanderlust never fade! We hope our curated list of sustainable and stylish travel tools helps you make the most of every journey. Let's travel smarter, not harder. We're on a mission to bring you more innovative products that make travel enjoyable, eco-friendly, and hassle-free.

Want us to recommend more products from Spectrum’s collections? Drop us a comment below and let's create the perfect travel experience together!

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