July Freshest Finds!

We're bursting with excitement to unveil our latest arrivals across a range of categories. From heartfelt greeting cards for every occasion to mind-blowing educational toys for little learners, we've got something to pamper, inspire, and ignite imaginations. Read on as you explore the perfect finds for yourself, loved ones, or even both!

  1. Pug Flowers Get Well Soon Card


Our new collection of adorable greeting cards features heartfelt messages for different occasion. Wish a speedy recovery to a friend or colleague with a cheerful design, express your gratitude with a sweet thank you card, celebrate a brand new birthday with a playful card, or offer words of encouragement with your touch of a bright and inspiring message.


2. Baff Bombz - Dino Surprise

Bath time just got a whole lot more exciting with a dinosaur egg-splosion bath bombs! These newest addition are colorful fizzers to transform your tub and play into a prehistoric paradise, bubbling away and revealing a surprise dino friend inside! With 6 dinosaurs available to collect, will the kids be able to unearth the ultra-rare Golden Dino?  Plus, our eco-conscious Baff Bombz are kind to the planet, so kids can fizz with a guilt-free grin.

  1. Vertical Garden DIY Kit

    Are you a greenery lover and wish to add your touch of indoor plant on your desk or living space? Watch dreams come true with our easy-to-use all-in-one kit that provides everything you need to create a stunning living wall, even if you're short on space. Pick your favorite plants, pop them in the planters, and watch your vertical garden flourish, perfectly blending outdoor with indoor.

    1. Zodiac Tarot In A Tin

    Ever wondered if the cosmos hold answers? This pocket-sized wonder connects you to ancient traditions, blending astrology and tarot for a truly cosmic experience. The 78 cards feature stunning artwork depicting zodiac signs and planets, while a handy guidebook unlocks their deeper meanings.

    1. Sunflower Foaming Hand Soap

    With Singapore seeing a new Covid wave back and the outbreak of new diseases, maintaining a good hygiene has never been more important. How about making the good practice of hand washing a better one with an invigorating scent for a more refreshing wash? Our sunflower scented hand soap is laced with fragrance notes of fresh sunflower with touches of citrus, ripe fruit, and spice. 

    1. Ginger Lime Hand Lotion

    Constant hand washing can results in dry hands and could even lead to skin conditions such as chronic skin damage, irritant contact dermatitis and eczema. Similar to our face, our hand working pair of hands deserve to be well moisturised for all the work that it has performed.

    1. Alone Time

    Do you feel overwhelmed at times with work or studies? You're not alone! This guidebook, "Alone Time," reveals the power of solitude for boosting mental health.  Imagine carving out quiet space to explore your inner strengths, set goals, and conquer challenges.  Drawing on Eastern traditions, this guide shows how self-chosen solitude fosters self-reflection, deeper self-knowledge, and even stronger connections with others.  Packed with tips and exercises, "Alone Time" is your roadmap to a more balanced, fulfilling life – perfect for busy students, young professionals, and anyone craving a mental health recharge.

    1. PAW Patrol Room Projector & Nightlight

    This high-quality room projector brings the Adventure Bay crew right to your bedroom walls and ceilings. It projects 24 colorful images featuring Chase, Marshall, Skye, and the whole gang with three included slide discs! Get the kids ready for clear, one-meter-wide pup action – just twist the lens for perfect focus.

    But wait, there's more! When bedtime rolls around, this awesome projector transforms into a calming PAW Patrol night light. The perfect way to chase away bedtime fears and create a dream-filled sleep adventure with their favorite pups by their side.

    So there you have it! As we are now mid way through 2024, this is just a taste of the incredible new arrivals waiting to be explored. Head over online or in-store to browse the full collection and treat yourself or someone special to a touch of surprise.

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