Our Favorite Picks Just for You!

Stop scrolling through endless options and let us simplify your gift-shopping journey! Our carefully curated list of favourites takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect present, ensuring that your gift-giving game is on point. Or this could also be just for YOU… 

Diced - Giant Dice Drinking Game

Explore the excitement of Diced, a thrilling drinking game featuring oversized dice that fit perfectly in your palm. Roll the dice, follow the prompts (beginning with the grey die), and carry out the actions. If you falter, it's time to take a sip! Get ready to experience laughter and challenges as you embark on this entertaining journey.

Gardens By The Bay 1000-Piece Puzzle

Hey puzzle lovers! Chill vibes of Singapore's Gardens by the Bay with this awesome 1000-piece puzzle capturing the sunset scene. It's like bringing a slice of Singapore home! Get comfy, grab your favourite drink, and let's unwind as we piece together this stunning view. 

Guaranteed to be a relaxing and satisfying time!


Planter: Sloth - Seeds

Say hello to easy-peasy greenery with our plant kit – perfect for adding a touch of nature to your home, hassle-free! 🌻Enjoy this plant kit at home, it also comes in 4 other different designs too!


Retro Remix Socks - I Don’t Do Housework On Days

Check out these super cool unisex novelty socks featuring vintage poster-style folks with hilarious sayings! It's all about chill vibes and fun times with these unique socks, perfect for anyone looking to add some quirky flair to their outfit.




Get ready to meet your new shoes! Say hello to FITKICKS with Flex Form sole technology – they're not just exercise shoes, they're your new go-to for everything! Slip into the soft, stretchy upper that hugs your foot like a glove, making them super comfy for all-day wear. Plus, they've got a protective toe guard to keep 'em looking fresh and an elastic strap for extra grip and style. 


Trust us, once you try these kicks, you won't want to take them off!


Bobino Tech Survival Kit - 10 assorted pcs

Kiss your worries goodbye with this game-changing survival kit!

Bobino's latest creation is here to rescue your day from chaos and confusion. We've handpicked the most sought-after tech accessories and bundled them up in one convenient package. It's a treasure trove of smart tools designed to make your life easier, no matter where you are.

From the comfort of your home to the hustle and bustle of the office, or even on your wildest adventures, these gadgets are ready to roll. With essentials like cord wraps, cable clips, and phone stands, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them.


Desk Warning Sign - Satisfying Poo

Get ready for a laugh like no other – you've never seen anything quite like this!

We've taken the classics and shrunk them down, adding a twist with witty messages like "Caution: deeply satisfying poo in progress" and "Give it 10 minutes." These hilarious signs are guaranteed to keep your space buzzing with entertainment.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, holiday, or just looking to spread some joy, our novelty desk signs are the choice!


Bottle Opener: Skull Cap

Crack open a cold one in style with our Skull Cap Bottle Opener – the ultimate conversation starter for any gathering!

Simply affix this sturdy bottle opener to your fridge and watch as envy takes hold of your friends. Boasting a sleek skull design and a powerful magnet, it allows you to effortlessly pop open a cold one with just one hand.

But wait, there's more! Once the cap is off, it lands flawlessly on the bullseye target.

These are our top picks, and you know what? Sharing is caring! 

Don't keep the gatekeep em’ to yourself – spread the love with your friends! Whether you prefer shopping online or hitting the store, grab yours now before they're gone! 🛒✨

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