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If this is an accurate representation of you scrambling to get a gift card at the last minute, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. We know what it’s like to try to keep up with it all, especially with large families or groups of friends on top of an already busy schedule. 

Given the choice, you probably would have preferred to take your time, to select the perfect gift card without rushing and to write a heartfelt message with genuine thought, instead of hastily scribbling something at the last minute. 

And while it may be possible to take your time for just one person on one occasion, what about the rest of the people you care about? If you're the type of friend to always send gifts, or aspire to be one, there’s usually a pretty small upper limit of people you can have time for. In a way, it's kind of disheartening. You could be adding more people to your card list, but you don’t, because it can get overwhelming. But what if I told you that there's a better way to handle some of your gift planning, to get ahead of it all?

Introducing the Greeting Card Folder, the secret weapon for social butterflies and especially helpful for those of you with a massive entourage of extended family tracking your every Facebook move 😅…

This nifty little folder is a greeting card storage solution that’s here to save the day and lend a helping hand to anyone who wants to up their game when it comes to card giving on special occasions.

The beauty of this organiser is not the folder itself. It’s the commitment it represents. Whether it's an actual folder, a card box, or even the last 7/11 bag you brought home, what matters is that you designate a special place for the people in your life whom you care about.

Once you've made this commitment, the next step is to fill it up well in advance of the upcoming occasions. That’s the secret that’s really going to get you ahead and here are some tips to make the folder work for you without becoming a chore:

Tip 1: Label it and keep it visible

Write a clear label on the folder or bag to easily tell what it is. Furthermore, ensure that it's placed somewhere visible in your daily life. By seeing it every day, especially at first, the folder becomes ingrained in your memory, reminding you of its purpose. 

Then, when you stumble upon a remarkably fitting card for one future occasion or another, your mind will remember the folder, prompting you to take the opportunity long before the actual event. And I have to say, it's a satisfying feeling to have your very first card bought well in advance, to be able to safely put it out of your mind until the reminder rings on your phone days before the occasion.

Tip 2: Print out a yearly calendar

Attach the calendar to the front of the folder or bag. A simple structure of three columns—Date, Occasion, and Check-mark column—will suffice. Fill it in with all the important dates and occasions, including birthdays, holidays, and other significant events. The check-mark column serves as a visual guide to keep track of your progress and know where you currently stand.

Tip 3: Organise the cards by type

One of the best things you can do for your new card organiser is to separate the cards into different sections. An accordion file folder works great to keep things nicely separated and in order, but even with a pouch, you can just use envelopes or blank pieces of paper between card types to keep things organised. This way, you'll easily find the right cards when you need them. For instance, during the Christmas season, you can bring out only the Christmas cards and start deciding which card goes to whom.

Tip 4: Don’t write on your card until closer to the event; just keep a note instead

If you come up with a quirky or original idea for a specific card when you first purchase it, don't write it directly on the card in case circumstances change. Instead, write it on a separate piece of paper and place it together with the card. This way, you won't forget your great idea, and you can still be flexible if you change your mind later on.

Tip 5: Don't turn your folder into a hoarder’s dream – use it!

We encourage you to fill up your new cards collection but don't open up a stationery shop just yet! Keep using it and don’t be afraid to find new occasions for it! After all, this isn’t just about organising the cards you already send out. It’s also about finding new opportunities for giving people the attention they deserve. Don't forget about random occasions that pop up unexpectedly!

For instance, you may have already filled up on Birthday Cards, but throw in a few Thank You cards as well. You never know when they can come in handy, like unexpectedly pulling one out of your “hat” for a coworker that went out of their way for you, or for a neighbour that always water your plants while you’re away. 

Having a convenient resource already at hand makes it easier for you to express your gratitude.

Tip 6: Choose occasion-specific cards when you have the option

Gone are the days of limiting yourself to generic card types. Keep an open mind and explore cards for various occasions such as baby showers, engagements, and graduations. There's a wide range of beautiful, specific cards waiting to be discovered and take your time, enjoy the process, and select the perfect cards well in advance.

Gifting Made Easy with Raspberry Blossom

We hope this helps you get started on your journey towards a more organised approach to making the important people in your life feel special. Our team at Spectrum is proud to share with you our own collection of curated, hand-picked Gift Cards, Greeting Cards, and various others.

One of our best-selling brands is Raspberry Blossom, a family-run business with beautifully designed and printed cards from the UK. Their award-winning range covers a wide range of specific events. They don’t just do birthdays and seasonal celebrations, but they cover special occasions you’d be hard pressed to find in generic card stores. Each card captivates not only through its burst of colours but also through its visually appealing design, conveying heartfelt messages.

 'Congrats On Your New Home' 3D Fold Out Card

The 'Congrats On Your New Home' 3D Fold Out Card is a delightful choice for new homeowners. It features a gorgeous 3D house adorned with springtime flowers, offering a charming and detailed visual experience. The card includes a spacious area for your joyful message, and its shiny spot-UV finish brings the intricate details to life.

'Baby Girl' Concertina Fold Train Card (and 'Baby Boy'!)

The 'Baby Girl' Concertina Fold Train Card (and 'Baby Boy'!) showcase cleverly designed animal characters on a magical train, perfect for new parents. These 3D concertina cards boast intricate hand-painted details, a luxury look and feel, and designated spaces for your heartfelt messages.

'Will You Be My Bridesmaid?' Bridesmaid Dresses Card

The 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid?' Bridesmaid Dresses Card presents three long bridesmaid dresses in various shades of teal. It's a special card to send to your bridesmaid squad, capturing the exciting moment when they try on their dresses. The luxurious gold foil finish and die-cut shape make it truly remarkable.

'Congrats on your Graduation' Mortarboard and Books Graduation Card

The 'Congrats on your Graduation' Mortarboard and Books Graduation Card is a joyous way to celebrate academic achievements. With a stack of colourful books topped by a mortarboard, this card conveys congratulations in a vibrant and eye-catching way.

Time to Get Gifting

In conclusion, we highly recommend you try incorporating a Greeting Card Folder into your life. It will help you organise and set you up to make better choices for the cards you give. This in turn will result in better gifts for your friends and family and hopefully bring even wider smiles to their faces. 

Use the Greeting Card Folder as a tool to stay organised and to express your thoughtfulness well in advance of every occasion. Browse our curated collection at your leisure, knowing that the cards will be safely stored in your folder, ready for their moment to shine!

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