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Have you come across someone rocking a quirky t-shirt and you just can’t get it out of your head, not knowing where you could find something like that in Singapore? Look no future because LOVE SG is a brand you definitely can’t miss. 

Designed locally, blending both local and international appeal. Not only focusing on the overall but the clever details and quality of their goods represent their approach to the conventional idea of the ubiquitous souvenir: bold, cheeky and slightly surprising.

Drawing inspiration from all things in our backyard gives Singapore its distinct identity, be it intriguing laws which may seem peculiar to outsiders, or local lingo which leaves foreigners scratching their heads.

We asked LOVE SG a few questions to get to know them better and you can check their answers below:

  1. What is your why and how did LOVE SG find it? 

Getting To Know: LOVE SG

I founded LOVE SG in 2010 after realising there was a lack of cool Singapore souvenirs for both locals and tourists to buy. I wanted to create a line of souvenirs which broke with tradition and was able to appeal to both locals who wanted to celebrate the Singapore identity and tourists who wanted a keepsake from their trip here.

  1. What makes LOVE SG say yes when launching any product? 

Getting To Know: LOVE SG_Swimming Merlion Ice Cube Tray

It's got to be cool enough that a local would buy it yet not too local that tourists wouldn't understand it. To do this, I try to steer clear of the stereotypical kitschy Singapore souvenir while still celebrating our local icons.  For example, instead of representing the Merlion in a conventional format such as a t-shirt which can come across as touristy, I created the Swimming Merlion Ice Cube Tray whereby the Merlion ice cubes float in your drink as if they were swimming. Another example would be celebrating our love of food through our Singaporean Punny Pouches where food plays into the pun of each phrase such as "Lor Mee-O & Juliet" and "You Got Mee Goreng Crazy".

  1. What’s LOVE SG's favourite design that has been created? 

Getting To Know: LOVE SG_Baby Merlion Bath Toy

The Baby Merlion Bath Toy is our take on the rubber duck and squirts water just like the real thing.

  1. What is LOVE SG's most used item among the team?

Getting To Know: LOVE SG_Fast Food Tee

Our Fast Food tee. We tend to get people to come up and ask where to buy it haha.

  1. What’s the one item that almost got away?
Getting To Know: LOVE SG_Dreamy Merlion Night Light

Our now sold-out Dreamy Merlion Night Light almost never made it to production as the prototyping and mould costs were too high to justify making it. Fortunately, we received a government grant which made it doable.


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