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Know someone who says EHH a little too often? Save up for a hearing aid or some much needed cotton buds with this hilarious novelty Wonderfund jar! When your selective hearing becomes an issue, simply pop a fine into this sturdy ceramic jar and fund your way to recovery! Light blue, with a beautiful wooden lid and stylish white text that reads “Hearing Aid Fund – For When Selective Hearing Becomes an Issue”, this modern money saver is unique with a distinctive look from other money boxes, and sits perfect in any room of the home. Complete with attractive gift tag attached with a high quality leather strap, this fun and useful jar makes the perfect gift for a friend with selective hearing on their Birthday, or at Christmas as a Secret Santa gift! (It’s cheaper than a hearing aid too…)
  • HILARIOUS NOT LISTENING FINE JAR - Fund your way to perfect hearing with this hilarious novelty money saver Jar! Fine your husband, kids, friends or colleague when they're not listening and you'll be able to buy them a hearing aid in no time! (You What?)
  • STYLISH AND HIGH QUALITY - This high quality ceramic jar with solid wooden lid, is an affordable yet classy take on traditional money tins and boxes. Sturdy and modern, with a minimalist look, this is the ultimate gift for fun-loving friends and family! (Pardon!?)
  • FUNNY SENTIMENT - Stylish white text reads “Hearing Aid Fund – For When Selective Hearing Becomes an Issue”, giving this classy ceramic pot a humorous twist! (could you repeat that?)
  • THE PERFECT SECRET SANTA GIFT - Complete with attractive gift tag (held on with a high quality leather strap), novelty money jar is the perfect secret santa gift for any colleague, husband, son, daughter or friend that never listens! (You can say that again!)

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