Unfurling Goddess Inspiration Cards


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The Unfurling Goddess Inspiration Card


The Unfurling Goddess Inspiration Cards: Embody the divine self within.

Who is the unfurling goddess, is it you?

Embody the divine self within to become the sacred human. The alchemy of one individual embracing their uniqueness releases unstoppable, healing waves of light into the collective-trust, the great value of gentle, human kindness.

May you trust and lean into your own journey, knowing you are more powerful when letting go than holding on. May you love yourself in every direction.

The path of 'not needing to know everything' is infused with deep trust and faith in the inseparable power of love. When one surrenders to a belief that love is greater than any other force, fear dissolves from within, creating beauty and unity.

This path is about remaining present and aware to fully receive all that is your life.

The Unfurling Goddess Cards




FRESH STREAMS OF BEAUTY - Come from deep within

My personal chrysalis is worthy of one thousand new moons of compassionate self-devotion. I begin making love real through the passage of redemption, accepting one thousand mistakes are possible before beauty is born.

I invite the freshest dreams to move the silent, deep waters of creativity within.

As I quieten, I hear a dream beating velvet kisses upon my cheek.

This quest of visions has just begun, how good could this be?

I AM MADE FOR I NCLUSIVE LOVE - Unfurl naturally

Can you hear stardust petals falling through your mind? When did your star seeds grow velveteen wings? Did you get lost for eons in the fantasy or in the crossing over? As love reaches out to take you by the hand, will you accept a sweeter destiny? Let us hold hands in celebration at the gates of dancing dreams. Let us freely exchange our inner pearls, dissolving all co-dependence. Let our interdependence unfurl naturally from within.

DON'T SACRIFICE YOUR SPONTANEITY - Liberate your love to fly

As the ancient flutes play, receive the music in your heart. As the birds call your name on the wind, the air moves you to wonder. In full play, solutions gather, water becomes fire.

The sun shines upon another day, yesterday becomes seven years from now. What is there to give if your heart is not received by you? Pink feathers blow, everything touches your heart. Soft spontaneity, laughter, a smile, a lingering gaze, gratitude. Your enthusiasm for the wild is innocent and dangerous. We might catch on fire, burn our fears, cleanse with smoke.


How to use the Unfurling Goddess cards

This collection of cards is divided into the seven sacred rays known as the chakras or rainbow body, offering six portals to grace and one presencing grace. Within each of these seven sections are six cards, each offering further portals to support unfurling with love.

Contemplate each card as it presents to you; there is no right or wrong way to be activated by the healing love of our sacred human potential. This is your very particular and sweetly innocent journey. Be playful and light – shadow work can consume you so it is important you do not give your shadow more than ten percent of your attention.


Includes: 42 Full Colour Cards, 16-Pages Guidebook

Author: Akal Pritam

Dimensions: 10.3 x 14 x 4.8 cm

Weight: 348g

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