The Original Flying Bird - Wingspan 260mm


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This amazing flying bird has been delighting kids of all ages for over forty years.

The patented mechanical toy flies by flapping its tear-proof wings up to 25 meters, powered by a high-quality rubber band and mechanism.

Simply pull the lever under the right wing, hold the bird upside down and turn the handle 50 times.

Lift the tail and adjust the angle to achieve the desired flight direction, this enables the bird to climb and turn.

Finally press the switch under the right wing, once the wings begin to flap, gently launch the bird but do not throw.

Designed in France in 1969 by Gerard De Ruymbeke, this patented flying bird is an ornithopter.

From the Greek words orthos'bird' and pteron 'wing', an ornithopter is anaircraft that flies by flapping its wings.

Birds were the inspiration to Leonardo da Vinci when he designed an ornithopter in 1490.

He never saw the ornithopter fly, however, because it was heavy and required too much energy to produce lift and thrust.

In 1929 a human-powered ornithopter, constructed by Alexander Lippisch, was towed into the air and glided.

The first toy ornithopter was sold in Paris in 1879

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