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tarot;new age;bohemian animal tarot;animal spirits;tarot cards;cards;bohemian;human;animal;animals

tarot;new age;bohemian animal tarot;animal spirits;tarot cards;cards;bohemian;human;animal;animals

The Concept of The Bohemian Animal Tarot

The Bohemian Animal Tarot offers a totally unique Tarot experience. Representing our archetypal aspects as part human and part animal, it explores the fundamental types of people and life situations entrenched in the collective psyche of all people.

The humanistic qualities of the Major Arcana may also symbolically represent our emotional and spiritual development from the newborn infant to adult, while the animalistic side could be said to mirror our inherent primordial strengths and weaknesses.

The Bohemian Animal Tarot cards

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The Lower World

The Animal Archetype: To the Chinese, the Toad is an emissary of good fortune and long life, while in Mexico it embodies illumination and enlightenment. With links to muddy holes, dank places, night-time and swamps, the Toad has become a companion of witches and a favourite ingredient in dark potions. In Celtic legend, the Toad is said to be thankful for its lack of appeal, its ugliness and the horror felt by those who stumble across it by chance. It is also said to carry a precious stone in its forehead that holds the power to reverse the effects of any poison and the ill effects of criticism, judgement and ridicule.

The Innocent

The Animal Archetype:Coyote dares us to step out of our comfort zone to explore and try new things – to laugh, have fun and to take risks and act spontaneously. Coyote personifies our willingness to embrace whatever comes our way and to consider the world our oyster. Coyote often appears blind to the perils that face him, as well as the hardships he may face as he ventures out into the world. Although it may seem fun to laugh at ourselves and to live instinctively, Coyote readies us to learn from our mistakes and to not take life too seriously.

The Goddess

The Animal Archetype: Some believe that Bees embody the souls of priestesses known as ‘melissae’ (a word that means ‘Bee’) who once dedicated themselves to the goddess Aphrodite, the Golden Honeycomb. The goddess Artemis was also attended by priestesses known as ‘melissae’, but Aphrodite’s priestesses were accompanied wherever they went by eunuch priests called ‘essenes’, which literally translates to ‘drones’.

tarot;new age;bohemian animal tarot;animal spirits;tarot cards;cards;bohemian;human;animal;animals

How to Use the Cards

A simple, yet important reading can be given using only three cards. First shuffle the deck until you feel like stopping. Deal out three cards, face down, in a horizontal row.

1. The first card represents the Past.

2. The second card represents the Present.

3. The third card represents the Future, based on the past and present cards.

Turn each card over separately and read them one at a time. When all three cards are turned over and the future card is read, further insight can then be gained from reading the three cards as one. This quite often gets you to the heart of the matter.

tarot;new age;bohemian animal tarot;animal spirits;tarot cards;cards;bohemian;human;animal;animals

Includes: 78 Full-Color Cards, 192-Page Guidebook

Author: Scott Alexander King & Sharon McLeod

Dimensions: 21 x 16.5 x 4.9 cm

Weight: 816g

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