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Bring realistic dinosaurs into your own room! This high-quality T rex shaped projector has 24 dinosaur images that will project onto your bedroom walls, up to one metre wide. Features 18 different types of dinosaur.

ROOAAAAR! Your T rex becomes a guard for your room, roaring into action with each unwanted visitor. A trembler alert makes your T rex roar when picked up and a motion sensor detects movement. Surprise your friends with five mighty roar sounds!  

At over 40cm long, the T rex makes a fantastic room decoration.  Secret code unlocks fascinating online dinosaur facts. Includes bonus T rex door sticker.

  • At over 40cm long this high quality T rex shaped projector and room guard brings realistic dinosaurs into your home.
  • T rex Projector has 24 dinosaur images of 18 different types of dinosaur to project up to one metre wide onto walls and ceilings
  • Rooaaar! The T rex is also a room guard with trembler alert and motion sensor roaring which trigger five different mighty roars!
  • Also includes a bonus T rex door sticker and a secret code to unlock fascinating dinosaur facts online
  • Batteries: 3AA not included

Weight:  988g

Dimensions:  415 x 295 x 185mm

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