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Quick growing, magical beans sprout within a week to reveal a surprise message engraved on the pods! This one says "I Love You"

Love is the greatest gift, surprises come close second! Make your friends and loved ones smile with these fun new Secret Bean mini pots.

Grow your secret message on the bean, and the message will appear in 10 days on the bean
This can be sent in place of a normal greeting card.
Make your friends and loved ones smile with these fun new secret bean mini pots.

Paris Garden® offers a unique range of kits designed by experts to grow fresh kitchen herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers at home. Want to garden, add a nice touch to your home decor and save space? 

Includes: pot, seeds, starting soil, instructions, growing tips.

Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5cm

Note: pot may come in blue, purple, pink or green

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