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Unlock of the power of Samhain energy every night of the year through these stunning cards and engaging guidebook, co-created by Juliet Diaz, author of The Witchery.

Samhain is one of the most enigmatic and magical pagan nights of the year for performing divination, ritual and spells. Our ancestors have known this for centuries, taking advantage of the night's potent energy to gain clear insight into the past, the present and the future. Now you can experience the magic and electric energies of this sacred night all year long with Seasons of the Witch: Samhain Oracle.

This is a beautifully designed book and card deck set. Each of the forty-four cards will connect you to the spirit realm to bring healing, understanding, protection, and guidance. Discover the banshee's wrath, meet your sacred animal familiar, greet the nature spirits, or visit the graveyard with your coven to seek protection in the witching hour.

The accompanying guidebook features original poetry from Juliet Diaz of November Sage that doubles as invocations for magick and ritual. Evocative guidance from Lorriane Anderson of Spirit Element guides you through your readings and the history and lore of Samhain celebrations, complete with spells and recipes. And the cards allow you to unlock secret insights to make the most of Samhain energy!


The Samhain Season Cards

The cards are broken up into three sections – the witch familiars, the witch tools and the Samhain – and are arranged in alphabetical order to make finding your cards quick and easy. We have also included a number of reading spells made specifically for this deck, although you can certainly use them with other cards. Each card includes an original poem written by Juliet. These poems can be used in your spells, rituals, potion making and meditations as an invocation to call in the energy of each card. You will also find key terms, a bit of information about the card and card meanings for both their upright and reverse positions.

Finally, you will find many cards contain additional information and some have spells. This information is to further support you in your pursuit of working with Samhain energy.

A look into the pack…

witch; Samhain; oracle; witch tools; Rockpool; spells; candle magic; poetry; intentions; prayer

protection; fertility; prosperity; reading cards; Rockpool; spells; witch familiars; poems; poetry

witch; Samhain; wisdom; alchemy; witch tools; Rockpool; spells; witch familiars; poems; poetry

Candle Magic

Speak your breath into its velvet, recite along its spine all that you desire, all that which will unravel.

There are few spells that are complete without a candle or two or ten. Candles make the setting of a spell more magical and also play an essential role in a spell. Candles carry our intentions out into the universe; they pull in our words and prayers along their spines and send them out through the tips of their flames.


Uncaging the spirit within thou the fertile power you hold. To taste your buttery velvet upon tongue is a gift I shall cherish each day that comes.


Hello, beloved witch. You are the center of this card. Your energy. Your strength. Your wisdom. A witch taps into the healing powers of the Earth and the wisdom of the powers that be as well as the energy within us all. A witch can move energy to create any life of choice. A witch knows how to see signs in everything around her. A witch uses her potions and spells to give healing and hope to all who seek her guidance, using her gifts for the good of all, to heal and nourish.

witch; Samhain; oracle; reading cards; witch tools; Rockpool; spells; witch familiars; poems; poetry

How to Use the Cards

A reading card spread is a curation of questions that can help you to gain clarity about a particular person or situation. They are helpful for readers who are new to card divination, but are also helpful for those of you who are unfamiliar with making your own spreads or need a little help deciding which questions to ask.

Make sure to read your cards in a quiet space so that you are not distracted and can easily connect with spiritual energy and your intuition. You may wish to light candles or incense, to place crystals in front of your reading space or to use any other enhancement of your choosing. Readings should be comfortable and easy.

To begin, take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Bring your situation to mind then begin to shuffle your cards. Using your intuition, lay out the required number of cards face down. Now turn each of the cards over and read the card description.

witch; Samhain; oracle; reading cards; witch tools; Rockpool; spells; witch familiars; poems; poetry

Includes: 44 Full Colour Cards, 184-Page Guidebook

Author: Juliet Diaz, Lorriane Anderson & Giada Rose

Dimensions: ‎‎10.2 x 3.6 x 14 cm

Weight: ‎1048g

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