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Sacred Spirit Reading Cards is a deck of 36 cards of visionary artworks that will help you look beyond the physical realm and connect to higher vibrational energies to empower your spirit with confidence and direct you towards positive life paths.

A supportive tool for professional therapists, well-being modalities and healing practitioners in all areas of energy medicine, these cards will uplift your spirit and soul and help awaken your higher self so you can create clear celestial connections for inner guidance.Included is a detailed guidebook with affirmations, celestial angels, healing crystals for self-awareness and energy tips to enhance your intuition and self-healing abilities.

Spiritual guidance for your life journey

You can’t make progress if you are always picking up the pages of the past

The Sacred Spirit Reading Cards are designed to support your intuitive growth and awareness of your deep connection within the universe. Blending intuitive actions with guidance from the soul, the deck consists of 36 cards, each of which holds spiritual and healing messages. Every card has an associated Angel, crystal and affirmation that is aligned to support you in shifting stagnant energy. You may find meaning in hidden symbols, colours, cosmic

influences, shapes or numbers within these cards, as they are deeply transformative.

As well as using them as Oracle cards, use them in meditation, daily and nightly affirmations, mirror work and to gain inspiration. I strongly recommend you record your readings and meditations in a journal for reflection, to record your soul’s messages and monitor your healing progress as well as other intuitive insights.

Welcome to the Sacred Spirit deck

Hidden Realms cards face up showing psychedelic designs

Illuminate the Shadows card showing dark facial image and bright colours in background

Sacred Divinity Card, abstract woman in bright vivid orange colour reaching for the sky

Hidden Realms

Create conscious awareness. Analyse your dream cycles.

Traditionally, shamans are the gatekeepers to the hidden realms of ancient wisdom and magic. Accessing the hidden realms for further meaning and insight into a soul’s pain or an individual’s dis-ease. Using conscious communication, the shaman works to bridge the realms between humanity and creation.

Right now, you are being asked to connect to the hidden realms, expanding your consciousness, to open your mind wide and reconnect with your soul for deep healing and transformation. There is much to be learned from the hidden realms that can assist you in your waking life. Examine your dream cycles and interpret your subconscious messages.

Illuminate the Shadow

Simplify the issue. Focus on a solution.

When we understand our shadow, we can fully appreciate the light. We must have both aspects within our spirit to have a meaningful life. Without darkness how can one fully appreciate the beauty and simplicity of life in all its forms? Once we remove fear and personal doubt it makes room for love, confidence and motivation; reclaiming your personal power.

Right now, you are encouraged to illuminate the sections of your personality that are working against your situation. Accept that these challenging aspects are a part of you, embrace them, love them and plan how to achieve a form of balance and make this part of your psyche ultimately work for you. Now is the time to focus on a resolution instead of just on the problem or challenge. How did you get here? Acknowledge your current circumstances and focus on how you can achieve a positive outcome. Now is the time to get your personality in line with conscious thought.

Sacred Divinity

Honour your divinity. There are two paths ahead.

Embracing your sacred divinity is honouring the divine feminine and masculine that resides within you. Every person shares both aspects of divinity. These are not stereotypical versions of what it means to be a female or male. The divine feminine incorporates aspects of unconditional love, compassion and gentleness, but these are also qualities of the divine masculine.

Right now, you are being asked to honour the sacred divinity that exists within you. Expressing the divine traits of creativity, expression, gentleness, confidence and strength is what is required now. Feel the beauty and love that is uniquely you and honour it. Give yourself a special gift to remind you of this inner journey and how much you care about your divine self and wellbeing.

Woman placing three cards down for a reading

How to Use the Cards

Any divinatory or healing tool we may use is an energetic extension of ourselves. The Sacred Spirit Reading Cards have been lovingly created to encourage your natural intuition, support your self-awareness, compliment self-healing and guide your spirit. Shadow aspects and archetypes have been included to assist in identifying archetypes and imbalances. These can be used in a traditional oracle or tarot reading format in simple or elaborate spreads to answer specific questions or give deep insight. Use the cards as spiritual prompts to grow your intuitive skills and give detailed readings. You may find meaning in hidden symbols, colours, astrological influences, shapes and numbers within these cards. Let yourself be guided to these signs from your angels, guides and consciousness helpers to deliver a personalised message on the subject, issue or experience you are seeking guidance on.

Banner image with the Sacred Spirit Box, Booklet and cards in a row

Includes: 36 Colour Illustrated Cards, 96-Pages Guidebook

Author: Anna Stark & Louis Dyer

Dimensions: ‎‎12.9 x 3.05 x 19.2 cm

Weight: ‎454g

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