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Sacred Power reading cards box on left, title in middle and cards on right

Box, booklet and cards in square format

Transformative guidance for your life journey

I have designed the Sacred Power Reading Cards to support self-awareness, healing and future guidance on your life journey. The deck consists of 36 cards that each hold a spiritual and healing message. Every card has been lovingly created to ensure a unique energetic vibration that assists in shifting old, stagnant energy.

Each card is multi-layered to ensure its healing potential. Within these cards you may find hidden meaning through symbols, colours, astrological influences, shapes and numbers. The cards are deeply transformative with spiritual elements.

As well as oracle reading, you can use the cards in meditation, daily and nightly affirmations, or mirror work and inspiration. I strongly recommend you record your readings and healing meditations in a journal, for reflection. Recording your soul’s messages will help you to monitor your healing progress.

The Cards of Transformation

Affirmations card showing body with chakras within

Intimacy card showing two faces kissing

Rainbow Dragon card showing rainbow dragon design


Powerful intentions manifest now. Be positive.

Human beings are conscious creators. We have the potential to shift a negative mindset to positive. Adjusting our thoughts and subtle brainwaves through positive mantras, we are able to retrain our brains after trauma, kick bad habits and set positive goals and intentions.

Right now, your higher self is asking you to be serious about your intentions. To create a positive and open mindset, perseverance, will and patience is required. Like the caterpillar, transformation takes time if you want long-lasting results. Acknowledge any thoughts, feelings and possible resistance to positive statements. If you are in a state of conflict, ask yourself questions about why you feel this way and how you can cooperate to achieve the best possible outcome. Creating conversations with the self in this way supports deep change and resolution to past patterns and behaviour.


Respect your personal space. Nurture your relationships.

Emotional intimacy, is the foundation of any great relationship. If one is unable to be open and connect to their partner on an emotional level, it becomes difficult to maintain the equilibrium of a balanced relationship.

If you are in a relationship right now, you are being asked to look at how you share information. Is there mutual respect? Are you both being heard? Are you giving or just taking? If you are single, now is the time to acknowledge and address any issues surrounding this loss of power, allowing you to open your heart to others in the future.

Rainbow Dragon

Be honest with yourself and others. Release your burdens.

Floating within the Golden Ascension Rays, the rainbow dragon is making you aware of what is required for you to act in truth and honesty. Bringing the vibration from the Golden Ray, the rainbow dragon opens connections to your higher self, the central sun, and angelic and ascended master realms, while centering you in the present.

Right now, honesty is required in all areas of your life. When you begin to unburden yourself, you allow yourself to be open to the gifts of the universe. Now is the time to get busy!

Woman placing card down in three card pull

How to Use the Cards

Any divinatory or healing tool we use is an energetic extension of our self. The cards can be used in a traditional oracle or tarot reading format, in simple or elaborate spreads to answer specific questions or give deep insight. The visionary artwork is multi-layered to shift stagnant and stuck energies on a subconscious level, capturing the healing intention within each card, transforming and reconnecting your soul back towards your sacred journey.

Let these messages from your angels, guides and consciousness helpers guide you towards insight about your subject, issue or experience.

Box, booklet and cards against psychedelic design

Includes: 36 Colour Illustrated Cards, 36-Pages Guidebook

Author: Anna Stark & Louis Dyer

Dimensions: ‎‎13 x 3.05 x 19.2 cm

Weight: ‎431g

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