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Resurrection Oracle with illustrations on either side

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Resurrection Oracle: Welcome to your life.

Welcome to your life, a place that is complex and full of events, emotions and moments that shape us continually. Life is beautiful, messy and sweet and sour and constantly changes us, forcing us to naturally resurrect and metamorphose. This oracle deck is meant to be a guide to help human beings rather than a blueprint. Welcome to the next part of your journey!

Resurrection Oracle is a 36-card deck that was created for both seasoned intuitives and first-timers alike. It focuses on some of the important milestones in your life, the emotions you are taught to feel and the ways you are supposed to deal with different situations. These cards are not only for those occasions but can be read on a daily basis and applied to everyday life with its victories and struggles.

Welcome to this deck, which will help you move through life with grace and authenticity and also to be more self-assured in all the moments of your story.

Resurrection Oracle cards

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Crossing over is not necessarily a bad thing. When you cross over, it is time to say goodbye to the you that you once knew. This card is about opportunity and change, leaving behind who you were, as a snake sheds its skin; it is a card of reinvention into a new existence. You could call it a rebirth or phoenix card, so to speak. There is a different window to look out, a fresh view and perspective to gain, a beautiful door to unlock. Uncage all your fears and let them melt into the ether.


It takes two to tango – have you found that special someone who drives your heart to beat faster, lights a fire in your soul, and stimulates you intellectually?

Any relationship worth having is truly worth working on; it is at times a delicate dance. So if you are feeling a deep connection and are hopelessly devoted to this person, give it a true go. Be sure you are both willing to give and take, and try to go in without comparison, expectations, or cynicism.

Open yourself fully. Remember, each proverbial window has a different point of view. So take in their perspective, and try to understand where they are coming from. Life is too short for emotional games or holding out.


“My word is my bond” – you’ve heard this saying before. In actuality, face value is about currency – the face value of a coin or bill – but its usage here is about taking someone on face value.

This means, simply, speak the truth. Because you are only fooling yourself and destroying your own value if you do not.

When you meet someone for the first time, you are taking them at face value, trusting their actions, words, and demeanor.

What you can offer in return is the benefit of the doubt. When interacting with someone new, or perhaps not so new, it is imperative that you stay true.

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Using your Resurrection Oracle cards

These cards may be lessons or reminders, ways for spirit to let you know you are not alone, and that you are cosmically connected to all. Keep these cards in mind as you go about your week, paying attention to the sequence. How does the first card relate to the beginning of your week? How does the second card correlate to your mid-week? And how does the third card correspond to the end of your week?

You might not always understand it immediately and that is okay. Trust the cards and your intuition. Go about your day and remember the card and its message. Somewhere along the way, it will make perfect sense to you.

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Includes: 36 Colour Illustrated Cards, 96-Pages Guidebook

Author: Jena Dellagrottaglia

Dimensions: 15 x 11.5 x 5.1 cm

Weight: ‎431g

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