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Discover the healing power of the elements as they guide you through life's journey of experiences.

Inspired by The Big Book of Practical Spells by Judika Illes, this stunning oracle captures the essence of the sacred elements in an array of visual delight. It will guide you on a journey of healing power, help you reconnect with nature and spirit and enable you to recover the power of earth-based spirituality.

This is indeed the essential tool for your whole life: 36 cards to guide you through the darkness and the light. It will open you to a remembrance of infinite consciousness and to a world of endless possibilities.

• Reconnect to the power of Mother Earth, your ancestors and your spirit allies
• Rekindle your passion and willpower
• Recover your personal magic and psychic abilities
• Remember your purpose

Pure Magick Oracle




Snakeskin - Information. Secrets. Body Language. Senses

The snake is the animal most associated with earth’s wisdom, as in its natural state its entire body is in constant connection with earth. Many ancient traditions believed that snakes could transmit earth’s secrets and knowledge to people should they choose. The ancient Romans considered snakes to be particular allies of human women, healing and empowering them and encouraging proper functioning of both body and psychic aptitude.

Levitation - Higher ground. Belief. Mastery. Meditation

Levitation calls for you to release yourself from the old roads of past pain and memories and elevate your energy and mind towards higher ground. Are you staying in the thickness of ego, or are you able to see the truth and free yourself from the grasps of collective ignorance?

When you release yourself you can choose where to land. Make your own freedom and journey to your own truth.

Telekinesis - Influence. Willpower. Control. Obstacles

Do not doubt your path of passion and freedom. We all experience pain from the mistakes of our actions and choices at one point or another, but while sometimes memory serves as a useful caution, at other times there are no rules to follow and you must learn to trust your instincts in order to continue ahead.

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How to use Pure Magick Oracle

Pure Magic Oracle was created to support change, freedom and expression of humanity in the world as agents of balanced power and careful wisdom. While these qualities may be struck down by an occasional bump of spiritual toxicity, know that a pure, loving heart will not be burned, silenced, drowned or snuffed.

Draw on the cards within for strength, courage and clarity, so you can navigate your life through the wisdom and lessons of the elemental forces and nurture your soul’s power with spiritual and psychic maturity. Let nature be the compass that guides you back home to your truest self again and again.

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Includes: 36 Full Colour Cards, 144-Pages Guidebook

Author: Andres Engracia & Olivia Bürki

Dimensions: 10.2 x 3.3 x 14 cm

Weight: 315g

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