Light Sweep Portable UV-C Santizing Wand


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Sanitize household surfaces of all kinds with the power of ultra-violet light! Foldable and rechargeable, Light Sweep is the travel-friendly sanitizing wand that neutralizes 99.9% of illness causing germs, bacteria, molds, and viruses. Light Sweep works on both hard and soft surfaces, and is perfect for high-contact items in the home, office, and car. Easily sanitize electronics, light switches, doorknobs, toys, desktops and more! 180 degree auto-off safety feature automatically turns off light to prevent unwanted UV-C contact. Includes USB charging cord.

  • Neutralizes 99.9% of illness-causing germs, bacteria, molds, and viruses
  • Foldable and rechargeable design
  • Home, office, car, travel
  • Hard and soft surfaces
  • 180 degree auto-off safety feature
  • Boxed and peggable
  • Ships in free 6 piece counter display
  • USB charging cord included

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