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Stay motivated on your fitness journey with more than 325 colorful stickers for your journal, planner, or calendar!

  • 12 sheets are packed with fun and practical stickers featuring such words and phrases as ''Just Breathe,'' ''I Can and I Will,'' ''You Got This!'' ''Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat,'' ''Get Fit, Don't Quit,'' ''Beast Mode,'' and more!
  • You'll also find fill-in stickers to keep track of your workouts, stats, weight, calories burned, steps, sleep, water, goals and rewards, etc.
  • Other stickers say ''Yoga,'' ''Legs,'' ''Walk,'' ''Crunches,'' ''Swim,'' ''Cycle,'' or depict fruits and veggies, tennis balls, soccer balls, etc.
  • These hundreds of brightly colored stickers will stand out in your planner or journal.
  • Sticker set fits in the back pockets of Peter Pauper Press engagement calendars and journals.


    Dimension:  15.20 x 10.16 cm, 19.05 x 10.16 cm(Packaging)

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