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This oracle is created by the winning combination of Stacey Demarco and Kinga Britschgi, both of whom are obsessed by space and the mythos and beauty of the stars. This card deck is perfectly created for those who have always sought the cosmos for divine guidance and inspiration.
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Oracle of the Universe - Divine guidance from the cosmos.

This oracle captures the spiritual wisdom from the known universe: the individual energies, twinkling stars, greatest fiery suns, mysterious black holes, spinning galaxies, shining constellations and all the planets great and small.

Humans have always been fascinated by the night sky and the spin of the planets. The earliest cave paintings feature the stars, the sun, the moon and constellations all woven into mythos, stories and lessons. Every day we learn that little bit more about the vastness of space.

Not only are we exploring constellations, stars, planets, black holes and even whole galaxies that we now know exist, but also energies such as dark matter and new space phenomena that are now being discovered and further understood.

The Oracle of the Universe will offer wisdom and guidance from the energies of the Universe.

Ursa Minor;Orion;Hydra;Centaurus;Cetus;Eridanus;Pegasus;Cassiopeia;Aquila;Canis Major;Lyra;Draco

Ursa Minor;Orion;Hydra;Centaurus;Cetus;Eridanus;Pegasus;Cassiopeia;Aquila;Canis Major;Lyra;Draco

Ursa Minor;Orion;Hydra;Centaurus;Cetus;Eridanus;Pegasus;Cassiopeia;Aquila;Canis Major;Lyra;Draco

Cassiopeia - Pride

Celebrate your achievements, but not by boasting. Humility is needed. An arrogant or boastful person around you may soon see consequences from their hubris. Shame is a complex emotion and is there for a reason, just like anger, but we should never hold on to shame for long. A healthy amount of pride is good – you should love who you are and what you can achieve. Do not compare yourself to others.

Delphinus - Love

Know what you are looking for if seeking a partner. Be clear around your boundaries when it comes to love and all relationships. Slow down. Pay attention to how flow is being played out in your life at present. Be aware that by hanging on to a grudge or an imbalance the clean flow to what you desire will be interrupted. If you place your happiness in the hands of others, chances are you won’t be happy.

Aquarius – Awe/Ecstasy

A feeling of wonder and awe is a connection to your humanity and happiness. There is a need for the surrender of total beauty and awe. You are surrounded by earthly and universal beauty if you stop to observe. Wonders are all around you. Beauty is a source of healing.

Delphinus;Vulpecular;Hercules;Crux;Nebula;Eagle Nebula;Omega Nebula;Butterfly;Flame;Helix;Necklace

Using the Oracle of the Universe Cards

Spread the whole deck out on a table or the floor … or better still, the earth itself under the night sky! Breathe deeply and relax. Allow your gaze to soften and see which cards seem more attractive to you. Which ones jump out at you or call to you in some way?

I call this the Pantheon Technique. These may well be the aspects of the deck that you need to integrate into your life right now or the themes that can most assist your growth at this time. You will be attracted to them, and the card may almost jump into your hand.

Pay attention to those cards and take action where indicated.

Skull;Blue snowball;Sirius;Alpha Centauri;Vega;Canopus;Cosmos;galaxies;constellations


Includes:  44 Cards, 114-page Guidebook

Author: Stacey Demarco & Kinga Britschgi

Dimensions:  9 x 12.8 x 3.5 cm

Weight: 388g

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