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archetype;oracle;tarot;divination;valentine;valentine's day;gift;flower cards;vintage;deck;gift

botanical;archetype;oracle;tarot;divination;valentine;valentine's day;flower cards;vintage;deck;gift

Oracle of the Roses is a card deck to remind you to stop and smell the roses.

Let the roses in your garden reveal the answers with love and strength.

Roses will hold you, protect and guide you. Gently whispering words of hope and promise. Their fragrance, symbolism, beauty and therapeutic qualities have inspired poets, writers, artists, healers, the religious, the spiritual and the botanical lovers of this world to believe, to rise, to fight, to heal, to love and to endure.

Each rose archetype has its own intrinsic power, energy and light, and within this oracle, ethnobotanist, organic gardener and florist Cheralyn Darcey shares with you their beautiful inner wisdom and blessings of support.

A deck of 44 divinely illustrated cards of vintage botanical artwork brings the rose archetype energies alive.

About the Oracle of the Roses cards

botanical;archetype;oracle;tarot;divination;valentine;valentine's day;flower cards;vintage;deck;gift

botanical;archetype;oracle;tarot;divination;valentine;valentine's day;flower cards;vintage;deck;gift


The Rebel - Austrian Briar Rose (Rosa foetida)

Things cannot always keep going the way they have in the past. While on the outside, your ‘tried and true’ path may still prove to work, don't become stagnant and rest on one’s laurels. The safe way is not always the best way, but the adventurous direction should still be considered with great care. The Rebel knows that breaking completely away from what is considered the average, the expected and the normal does not mean leaving your values behind.

The Ancestor - Cherokee Rose (Rosa laevigata)

The beginning, the ending, the space between worlds is the place to find the essence of what it is to be you, and where you might find answers that better align with the core of your beliefs. This may be an ending, but in all completions comes the chance to set forth once again. This is an indication or affirmation that your intuitive feelings are leading you in the right direction. The Ancestor leaves the gifts of their experience in the DNA of time for us to discover and work with, so that we in turn may leave something of worth, a thin layer of our truth and view.

The Companion - Provence Rose (Rosa centifolia)

Relationships of all types are in focus at the moment, and one or more need your closer attention. You may find by tailoring and combining two or more of your projects, ideas or plans, a more achievable result may be had. Other people and their needs are going to play a bigger part in any decision making that you need to make or plans that you have in the future. Make sure that you are making room for others as someone needs a little more of you at the moment. The Companion is there as a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader to spur you on and a smile you can always rely on.


Using your Oracle of the Roses cards

The Oracle of the Roses helps you find these archetypal characteristics in oracle readings, in daily card draws, and botanical healing and energy modalities. Use as a prescriptive tool to help explore archetypal characteristics, and discover roses that will assist in energy medicine, such as flower essences and meditation practices. Use as a gardening, nature or self-reflection journal prompt and as a foundation for ethnobotanical research – and, of course, as a companion for gardening, so that you may learn the deeper truths and hear the true language of the botanical world.


Includes: 44 Cards, 112-page Guidebook

Author: Cheralyn Darcey

Dimensions: 9 x 3.3 x 12.8 cm

Weight: 363g

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