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readings;deck;intuition;magic;healing;spiritual;intuitive development;guidance;messages

readings;deck;intuition;magic;healing;spiritual;intuitive development;guidance;messages

Oracle Card Companion: Master the art of card reading

Easy to use with any oracle card deck as it focuses more on intuitive reading rather than meanings, the book takes the reader on an in-depth journey through all aspects of oracle card reading. It starts with choosing and bonding with a deck through developing intuition and decoding the messages in the cards, then into a deeper dive with oracle spells, healing and reading for others.

Throughout the book there are activities and practices the reader can do with their own cards making it an experiential book that is easy and fun to work with but still contains opportunities for deep work and spiritual and intuitive development.

The aim is to empower the reader to do more with their oracle cards than just picking a card, reading the message and never thinking about it again. It's a book that can help the reader to go on a deeper journey with the cards, develop their intuition and gain more confidence and a deeper trust, not only in their ability to read cards but also within themselves.

Oracle Card Companion is an empowering and easy to understand guide to understanding oracle card readings.

readings;deck;intuition;magic;healing;spiritual;intuitive development;guidance;messages

readings;deck;intuition;magic;healing;spiritual;intuitive development;guidance;messages

readings;deck;intuition;magic;healing;spiritual;intuitive development;guidance;messages

Card Reading Basics

As you work with the cards you’ll find your own personal ways to shuffle, pull and read them, but if you’re new to card reading or just want some new ideas this chapter will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Figuring out which cards to pick or pull is an intuitive process that will become easier each time you read for yourself. A simple way to know which card to pull for your reading is to work with the waterfall shuffle. Focus on your question, and as you’re shuffling wait for a card to stick out of the deck then pull that card for your reading.

Advancing your practice

In this chapter we will look at how to take your oracle-card reading to the next level and how to really start making magic with your cards.

Consistency is everything when it comes to advancing your oracle card reading practice. Pulling a card for yourself every day may seem like a big ask, but when you set an intention to show up and then actually do show up something very powerful happens.

Using other spiritual tools such as crystals together with your oracle cards can bring more magic and clarity to your readings and enhance them.

New moon magic spread

A new moon phase is a powerful time for manifestation, fresh beginnings and creativity. Try working with this spread before you do any new-moon magic or manifestation rituals. This spread works best from the point of a new moon and the proceeding three days.

Card 1: how to ground your magic.

Card 2: what to clear to make way for the new.

Card 3: how to connect with your power at this new moon.

Card 4: magic to make.

Card 5: how to surrender and trust.

readings;deck;intuition;magic;healing;spiritual;intuitive development;guidance;messages

Using the Oracle Card Companions book.

Divination has traditionally been used to see the future, but as we journey on the spiritual path we begin to realise that a paper fortune-teller can’t really tell us who we’re going to marry and our erasers don’t create our fate. We do.

While most of us can pick up an oracle deck and start reading for ourselves within just a few minutes, there is so much more magic to work with in the cards. Created as a tool for divination, oracle cards can also assist you to develop your own intuition and psychic ability, and be used for spiritual healing, energy healing, protection, spellwork, shadow work and lightwork and as a tool for personal transformation and manifestation.

Most importantly, oracle cards can help you live the life of your dreams. I wrote this book not only to support you in becoming a more confident reader, but also to show you how to use your cards to live a more connected, intuitive and magical life with or without a deck in your hands.

readings;deck;intuition;magic;healing;spiritual;intuitive development;guidance;messages

Includes: 36 Full-Color Cards, 128-Page Guidebook

Author: Victoria Maxwell

Dimensions: 19.5 x 16.1 x 2.7 cm

Weight: 650g

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