Night Sky - Solar System, Constellations, Starlight and Moonlight Projector


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Transform your room into an outer space light show with this awe-inspiring projector! Learn about the night sky with four incredible projection discs. View the planets of the solar system, constellations, the moon or over 20,000 stars. Projects up to 3.65m wide with incredible projection quality giving ultra-sharp images. Images rotate on your wall or ceiling. With adjustable projector angle and 30-minute auto shut-off.

A secret code included in the leaflet unlocks multilingual online space information. Learn about the Universe – how big it is, what it’s made of and how it started with a Big Bang! Find out about constellations with detailed information about ten key constellations in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, including the Great Bear, Orion and Draco. There are lots of amazing deep space images and links to further online Solar System and Moon information.

  • Includes instructions and 740 x 210mm poster of the Solar System.
  • Incredible projection quality
  • Marvel at the planets of the solar system
  • View the constellations of the northern hemisphere (southern hemisphere available)
  • Stare up at over 20,000 stars in the Hawaiian night sky
  • Be amazed by the super-detailed half moon
  • Projects ultra-sharp, rotating images up to 3.65m wide
  • 30-minute auto shut-off and secret code unlocks online space information
  • Packaging is multi-lingual including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian


Weight: 420g

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 13 cm


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