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Mythos Tarot - Guidance from the Greek Gods

The dust from ancient footsteps never settles. The swirling prints that the Olympians fashioned are still imprinted on the earth today.

Now you can find your own path from the roads they carved out. Ancient Archetypes of Greek Mythology paired with traditional tarot help the contemporary spirit to guide its way to deeper understanding with the divine messages and meanings imbued in each card. This cartomancy scaffold is as deep as your desire and provides a psychological skeleton to help witness the inner reflections of the spirit.

This tarot deck that combines both the traditional meaning of the tarot with insights and information about various Gods within Greek Mythology. Each god is paired with a card based around historical myths and representations. Draw on the depth of each card to map out meaning using timeless tools.

The Mythos Tarot cards




The Fool: Pan - God of the wild, shepherds and mischief

You have reached the beginning of a journey and Pan’s wild spirit burns within you. There is opportunity and potential ahead of the journey, and you are about to take your first step into the unknown. In this new adventure there is a calling to channel Pan’s free-spirited nature and leave behind any fear, regret or anxiety. There is a leap of faith to be taken, but you are ready for it so step off the base of earth and fly with the wild music. Release your inner child and the changing joys of Pan and step into the unknown with a lively greeting for all of the opportunities that await you.

Seven of coins: Calliope - Goddess and muse of music, song and dance

Calliope was a goddess who spurred people on to great heights by endowing them with the spirit to create. She can assist you by bringing you inspiration to keep up the effort needed to generate great things. Take a step back from the smaller details and see what you can devise from the bigger picture. It is crucial to make sure you have the patience to finish what you started.

You may have a fear of failure; however, Calliope is here to ease those fears and remind you that you can always learn from any mistakes, that greatness takes time and to fear is human. To perceive in the face of fear is to transcend human limitation and strive towards the divine.

The Hierophant: Dionysus - God of wine, chaos, ecstasy and the theatre

In the chaotic ways of Dionysus, he has flipped the card of The Hierophant and in this risen position is here to tempt you into breaking free of the shackles of convention. He may have appeared in your reading because you are feeling restricted and constrained by structures and rules so has came forth to help you try to break free. It is time to inject extra excitement into your normal life and relationships. You may want to break with traditional structure, social norms and rigid rules, but if those around you do not understand this need for freedom let Dionysus give you the strength to think for yourself and take action for what is right for you unconfined by how others want you to act.


How to use the Mythos Tarot

The Mythos Tarot has been designed with options for risen and fallen positions, traditionally called ‘upright’ and ‘reversed’. You may find this way of reading calls to you, especially as you gain a more intimate connection to the gods over time. Keep an eye out for combinations of particular gods and their relations to each other; you may find your inner understanding is speaking to a deep connection between them, which will provide additional insight to your reading. Before beginning your reading, set an intention and focus on what you’d like answered, calling out to the pantheon as you do so. Keep your request precise and specific.


Includes: 78 Full-color Cards, 172-page Guidebook

Author: Helena Elias

Dimensions: 11.5 x 5.3 x 16.7 cm

Weight: 635g

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