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Making Magick is a potent tool to support you in manifesting your desires, whether its for wisdom, protection, healing, love, fortune or insight or whatever you dream of. This 40-card mini deck features a combination of medieval amulets, Celtic charms, alchemical glyphs and channeled sigils from Priestess Moons guides and angels, as well as an explanation of how each symbol can help you.

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Work with the ancient magick of symbols to master the positive and negative energies in your life.

Art in the form of symbols is one of humankind’s earliest representations of spirituality. Symbols are often recognised as being signs from a higher power designed to help us live more authentic and insightful lives. Their significance to humans has been well documented by archaeologists, researchers and scholars worldwide.

In ancient times, special symbols were drawn or engraved into items and worn as jewellery or carried in pockets and bags. They were thought to protect the wearer and help them achieve their hopes and dreams. If an individual truly believed in the power of the symbol it would work its magick. The charms, talismans and amulets found at archaeological sites around the world have been inscribed with a variety of symbolic words, pictures, lines and shapes, all of which represented something powerful to the wearer.

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Wishes Come True (CARD 1)

rapid achievement of your dreams and wishes

Symbol history

This symbol comprises a circle divided into four quarters, representing the four compass directions of north, east, south and west. The vertical line forms a cross, which represents the divine, and the horizontal line characterises a tree, which signifies the material world. In the top right quadrant sits an imperial orb, the globus cruciger, symbolising nobility on earth as well as the archangels in heaven. In the lower left quadrant is a magickal symbol thought to inspire the motivation to achieve great things. In the lower right quadrant is a mark that represents a horseshoe nail, thought to attract faithfulness and dependability. This symbol is from the 16th century and was originally inspired by Key of Solomon, but instead uses Christian symbolism rather than Kabbalistic ones.

Protection (CARD 10)

strong protective magick for the family and the home

This symbol is of Viking origin, and is known as the Helm of Awe. Its first known incarnation appears in the 16th-century Icelandic book of magick, Galdrabók, as spell number 41. It was originally designed to generate victory over one’s enemies. The Helm of Awe is comprised of the Norse runes algiz, for protection, and isa, for standstill, to stop negative energies in their tracks. Legends suggest that Viking warriors used to paint this symbol between their eyebrows before going into battle, to ensure triumph and shield them from harm.

Faery Magick (CARD 13)

respectfully work with the faeries to achieve your goals

The carving of the original faery magick symbol is situated inside the stone chamber of a megalithic burial site in County Waterford, Ireland, and has been dated at around 4,500 BC. It is a glyph carved into a large stone and is studded with tiny crystals. Within the cave are many additional spiral carvings but this one is larger and stands alone, much the same as the triple spiral symbol at Newgrange. This is a powerful glyph associated with the Sidhe people (pronounced ‘shee’), an ancient race who lived in the British Isles before humans and often referred to as the ‘faery folk’. Indeed, the small village where the stone tomb is located is known as Gortnasheen: the place of the faeries. The faery race is not of the physical world but exists on the astral plane and lives side by side with us.

Star (CARD 21)

the silver energy of a star creates good luck and serendipity

This eight-pointed star, otherwise known as an octagram, is a powerful tool in sacred geometry, or the practice of assigning special meaning to geometric shapes. The eight-pointed star symbol is referenced in many world religions, but holds special meaning in Buddhism, Christianity and Paganism. In Buddhism, an octagram represents the eight-fold path of reaching enlightenment. In Christianity, the eight-pointed star signifies the star of Bethlehem, and in Paganism it represents the wheel of the year. This symbol is also known as the alchemical symbol for creation, of manifesting material desires.

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How to Use the Cards

There are a variety of ways to use the Making Magick Oracle deck. One way is to shuffle the cards and let a symbol choose you, the likelihood being it will indicate an area of your life you are being guided to work with more closely. Light a candle in front of the symbol and let the cypher work its magick. Leave the card in a prominent place where you can see it often, and ideally for the whole day.

Alternatively, use these gorgeous cards as an added boost to your spell work and/or successful achievement of goals. Actively select a symbol you would like to work with from the deck, light a candle in front of your chosen card and focus on the desired outcome for excellent results.

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Includes: 40 Mini Cards

Author: Priestess Moon

Dimensions: 10 x 2.3 x 5 cm

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