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Oracle;connection;Divine;witches;grandmother tree's;ancient archetypes;portals;tarot;wisdom;rituals;

manifestation;spell-affirmation;self development;psyche;mystical;Earth;creatrix;spirit;enbergy

The Magical Spirit Oracle are a divination tool to deepen your connection with your own magic and Spirit.

Through the unfolding of your life, you learn to no longer underestimate your own magic, and embark on a sacred voyage of remembering who you really are.

It's okay to get lost and then find your way back home, over and over.

What if you could source your power from and deepen your connection with the Divine?

These oracle cards will take you on a fantastical storytelling adventure of witches, grandmother trees, ancient archetypes, and sparkling portals. And each card shares practical wisdom, rituals, and manifestation practices to take with you into your own life, as well as an affirmation spell to cast upon yourself.

There is a synergy to be found when we combine the two worlds of spirituality and the psyche, merging the mystical with the realistic.

If we want to grow to the heavens, we must be deeply rooted in the Earth. You can, by some strange alchemy, turn the most ordinary of ingredients of life into the most extraordinary life magic.

The cards are the tools and YOU are the magic.

The Magical Spirit Oracle cards.




The Lover – Aphrodite, passion, abundance

Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to fully surrender or indulge in beautiful feelings because we don’t trust them. We fear that they could end, which may lead to devastation, or we think we don’t deserve them. It takes bravery to feel the full spectrum of emotions. The taller the tree, the deeper the roots. The higher the heaven, the lower the hell.

The Sun – Manifestation, power, 11:11

Now is the time for you to fully realize that, just like the sun, you are a powerful creator. Trust in this fiery and passionate energy that exists within your deepest core. We are all reflections of nature and possess qualities of the sun; characteristics of the ultimate potential of the healed masculine (Yang) energy.

Are you tapping into this center of unlimited creative energy and power? It’s available to you. Now is a potent time for you to take physical and metaphysical action on your desires. They are moving closer to you. Stop overthinking and overanalyzing, which cause stagnation. Feel. Embody. Express.

Energy – Power, aura, depletion

The garden. The nature witch. She who blooms. Giving yourself the chance to flourish means allowing yourself that energy. This card is a sign that it would be empowering for you to assess where you have been channeling your energy to. To what, to whom, and how much? You may feel scattered or fatigued. Are you placing your focus on too many things, people, or problems at once? You may not have enough power to fuel the things you actually want.


Using the Magical Spirit Oracle cards

The card that you pull is meant to be your “oracle.” Your message from the divine. The crystal ball that you peer into. It’s important to remember that your intention, question, and energy when pulling a card are what make the metaphysical connection. This oracle deck is a tool and youare the magic. Endow it with the power to aid you on your journey. You have the power to do this: hold it in your hands, charge it with crystals on top of it, light a candle, and/or bless it with a simple intention, such as: Thank you for gifting me the highest clarity and guidance.

Each time you feel called to pull a card, place your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, and trust that you have the power to receive the wisdom you desire. Thank the oracle in advance for gifting you guidance. Say Thank you, thank you, thank you, whether in your mind, in your heart, out loud, or as a whisper. Hold your intention, topic, or question in your head while you shuffle the deck and lay out your cards.

Oracle;connection;Divine;witches;grandmother tree's;ancient archetypes;portals;tarot;wisdom;rituals;


Includes: 44 Gilded Cards, 112-Page Full-Color Guidebook

Author: Alexis Rakun

Dimensions: 9 x 3.8 x 12.8 cm

Weight: 408g

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