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Are you ready to let your skin crawl?
Are you ready to get lost in the night?
Are you ready to embrace everything that lives in the shadows? Step into the darkness and release our fears.

A 78-card tarot deck that calls you to turn away from the light and explore your own shadow; includes a 22-card major arcana and 4 minor arcana suits. Also included is a detailed guidebook. While following the traditional tarot structure, the deck takes a look at the darker sides of the cards and implores you to embrace all the spooky things that lurk in the dark. You will be pushed down the rabbit hole of your own psyche and forced to face your darkest thoughts.

Be warned: this deck is not for the light-hearted or weak spirited.

spooky;darkness;shadow;rabbit hole;psyche;darkest thoughts;gruesome;soul;dark recesses;shadow work

spooky;darkness;shadow;rabbit hole;psyche;darkest thoughts;gruesome;soul;dark recesses;shadow work

Are you ready to embrace everything that lives in the shadows? Step into the darkness and release Your fears.

The Macabre Tarot is a deck designed for shadow work, the exploration of the sides of yourself you’d prefer others not to see. Many shadow workers allow themselves a safe space to explore their own darkness. Tarot is a great tool for opening yourself up to your shadow, as it asks you questions you wouldn’t otherwise consider. Shadow work happens when you stop pushing out the dark, intrusive thoughts born of anger, sadness and disgust that sneak in when you’re trying to fall asleep at night and take the time to get to know them. Knowing your true, authentic self is only possible when you work to understand all of your sides.

The Macabre Tarot Cards

deck;psyche;darkest thoughts;gruesome;soul;dark recesses;shadow work;face your demons;psychology

spooky;darkness;shadow;rabbit hole;psyche;darkest thoughts;gruesome;soul;dark recesses;cards;oracle

spooky;darkness;shadow;rabbit hole;psyche;darkest thoughts;gruesome;soul;deck;deck;cards;readings

The Fool - Upright: new beginnings, innocence Reversed: at risk, recklessness

The Fool has one foot off the ledge, ready to plunge into a deep, dark unknown. The Fool is fresh and innocent, with no guiding experiences. You’re ready for a new start but be prepared for the unexpected, as you’re heading into this naked and it could be risky.

The guide - Upright: guidance, teacher, society Reversed: blindly following

The Guide is a book laid out in front of you that has listed all of society’s conventions and rules. It’s filled with laws and moral teachings. It’s time to pick up a pen and start making your own annotations. Connect with your moral compass and choose the laws you live by. Learn from teachers you choose, not those chosen for you.

Six of Bones Upright: success, spotlight Reversed: pride

Look at how you are sparkling: everyone is looking at you and admiring you. You’ve accomplished so much, and everyone is so proud of you. Your ego is skyrocketing and it’s time to congratulate yourself for your achievements.

spooky;darkness;shadow;rabbit;pgruesome;soul;dark recesses;shadow work;face your demons;psychology

How to Use the Macabre Tarot

This tarot deck can be read in infinite ways, so it’s important to explore the many avenues before settling on a specific path.

Although The Macabre Tarot was designed with the traditional 78-card structure in mind some changes have been made, the most noticeable being the removal of the restrictive gender binary. All gendered cards have been renamed; however, they do retain their original meanings. The retitled majors are noted, and the court cards have been renamed as follows:

The Page: Terror

The Knight: Nightmare

The Queen: Haunting

The King: Massacre

spooky;darkness;shadow;rabbit hole;psyche;darkest thoughts;gruesome;soul;dark recesses;shadow work

Includes: 78 Cards, 128-Pages Guidebook

Author: Sam Rook

Dimensions: 14.5 x 22.5 x 5.5 cm

Weight: 537g

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