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The Concept of The Language of Flowers Oracle

The Language of Flowers Oracle features wildflowers that grow at forty-four of the world's most sacred places. It is an excellent introduction to flower reading as well as an entry-level botanical reference. If you have ever wondered what a flower means or why anyone has ever attributed symbolic meaning to a plant, this card set will answer those questions. Discover the energies of the blossoming plants from 44 of the earth's sacred areas and how you can enrich your life with their messages. The meanings and explorations of each flower are based not only on the traditional language of flowers but also the doctrine of signatures, so that this set can be used in any holistic botanical-based modality.

The Language of Flowers Oracle Cards





Action : Venus Fly Trap

The plant works by luring and retaining good energy that comes your way and will assist you to use these powers to boost your planned actions. It is also a protective plant as it scares off negative energy. If you want to attract love – and this may seem a little strange – but a Venus fly trap really is a pretty good ally.

Awareness : Gardenia

Know that you are loved, and that you may actually have a secret love. Divine messages, an opening of awareness and an indication that a higher entity or power, totem or guide is watching over you. Restoration of order, balance and the chance for peace is indicated and should be expected soon. It is time to review and possibly renew trust and a decision made may prove to be correct.

Balance : Camellia

Resilience will be given where and when you probably least expect it, and through this your true potential or that of a situation can be discovered. Calm, grounding and relaxation are indicated as the worries of future plans are becoming less of an issue. Openness to your thoughts, ideas and way of life will become easier to obtain and past limitations should be falling away.

Caution : Oleander

Calculated risks may bring very positive results, so take a chance. Healing and health breakthroughs as well as the end of pain or suffering and the gaining of answers in difficult situations are indicated. Seduction, charm and enchantment are on the horizon, so new attractions and even temptation are near. Protection through ritual, prayer and activities that feature deliberate intention and mediation are suggested.

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How to Use the Cards

This deck can be used in many ways to connect with nature, to learn, to hear and to provide a greater understanding. The following are just a few suggestions, and I really encourage you to explore the possibilities of including this deck in practices and modalities you already enjoy and in finding new ways in future.

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Includes: 44 cards, 128 page full colour guidebook

Author: Cheralyn Darcey

Dimensions: 9 x 3.3 x 12.8 cm

Weight: 159g

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