Jojoba Oil


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Organic cold-pressed Jojoba oil for oily and dry skin. Natural & anti-bacterial, this is great as a natural moisturiser for a more radiant and less acne prone skin!

For treating Oily and or Acne - it can dissolve the sebum. For Dry Skin ,dandruff ,eczema and psoriasis - The Vitamin E and B complex help skin repair and damage

These oils occur naturally on your skin. Although that may sound scary at first, this actually tells your skin that you have enough oil, thus, reduces unwanted oil production. In fact, Jojoba oils also have a natural anti-bacterial function that can get rid of those nasty pimples! Turns out, adding such oil to your skin regime will give you more radiant, smooth, acne-free skin! And, you just have to use a little bit!


Ingredients: 100% Pure USDA Organic Simmondsia Chinesis

Dimensions:  60g

Shelf Life: 1 year from opening

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