Hot Pot Steamboat Interactive Nosework Chew Toy For Pet Dogs


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Fun, stimulating, and rewarding Nose Work Toy from Furball Collective!
One of the favourite asian delicacies enjoyed during get-together! We have now transformed it into an engaging toy so your pet can enjoy it too! Hide treats in our cute pot or have your puppy go on a fun adventure as it searches for features with fun textures and crinkly sounds. This toy makes a bored puppy happy and engages all its senses.

We have designed it for different levels of play, depending on your pet’s preference:

Level 1

  • Bring out all the ingredients and place it on the floor
  • Hide large treats among the ingredients
  • Entice interest by using treats with stronger smell

Level 2

  • Hide treats in the different pockets and crevices, vary size of treats
  • Expose parts of ingredients to stimulate curiosity

Boss Level

  • Place all ingredients back into pot with treats hidden deep in
  • Vary treats in different shapes, sizes and tastes to prolong interest and fun

Benefits of nose work toys:

  • Provide an opportunity for mental and physical exercise
  • Sharpens senses and intelligence level
  • Reduces anxiety

Hotpot contents:

  • Hot Pot Base with treat pockets and embroidered graphics
  • 1 bunch of tangled noodles with treat pockets
  • 1 piece of Lettuce with crinkle paper and squeaker
  • 2 stacks of Shabu Shabu meat with crinkle paper
  • 2 piece of mushroom squeaker with treat pockets

Benefits of nose work toys:

  • Provide an opportunity for mental and physical exercise
  • Sharpen senses and intelligence level
  • Reduce anxiety

Care instructions:
Place the toy in a small laundry bag to machine wash. Air dry only.


Material:  Soft velboa with squeaker and cotton filling 

Dimensions:  23.0 x 23.0 x 19.0cm

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