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Explore the hidden powers of the Green Witch and her sacred herbs, plants, and flowers through folklore, healing properties, garden magick, and hidden messages.

These forty-four cards allow you to draw upon both the magickal and medicinal aspects of the garden.

Ethnobotanical and plant folklore historical facts are sprinkled throughout the guidebook enclosed, along with gardening advice and spells.

Oracle meanings are completely aligned with the doctrine of signatures to enable this deck to be used as a complementary medicine modality tool.


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Discover real secrets of botanical magick

This deck is a tool to help those wanting to create a magickal practice within a garden setting: you may have a lovely suburban garden, a country estate, an inner-city courtyard, a collection of houseplants or share a community garden. What matters is not the where but the divine act of gardening and that you do it yourself.

Explore the healing and supportive energies of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs in the cards and informative guidebook. Pick one card each day to bring balance to your life, and create inspirational oracle readings that will empower your outlook while you discover the secrets of the magickal botanical plant world that awaits beyond the garden gates.

Explore the hidden powers of the Green Witch

earth vegetables;earth;vegetables;carrot;clarity;fertility;passion;vision;independence;grounding

fire herbs;fire;herbs;sorrell;affection;agreement;dexterity;love;family;healing;heal;inner healing

water fruits;water;fruit;fruits;grape;grapes;abundance;fertility;wealth;abundance;mental strength

Earth Vegetables – Carrot, Clarity

Uses: fertility, passion, vision, independence, grounding

New ideas, breakthroughs and increases in finances and resources are all indicated, and you should trust your own judgement. There is a strong chance of triumph over a difficult challenge and the opportunity for sudden growth in what you are currently undertaking. Relationships will be focused on the physical, with passion high on the agenda. Be careful of overthinking, self-sabotage and roadblocks placed by others.

Fire Herbs – Sorrell, Affection

Uses: agreement, dexterity, love, family, inner healing. New experiences are coming your way, which means you will feel prompted to find new ways of doing things. If you are seeking a solution, be more receptive to suggestions and openings. Ensure you are putting your true feelings into all that you are doing. A valuable proposition should come your way, but don’t get too carried away.

Water Fruits – Grape, Abundance

Uses: fertility, wealth, mental strength, garden magick, abundance. Stay where you are and grow what you need there, as this is a fertile time and place. Grapes will indicate that magick is about, especially from the garden, so get out there as you will find opportunity and inspiration. Family stability, happiness and tradition and the way they can support you are all things that should be remembered and implemented. Don’t be disingenuous, and be very careful not to cancel appointments.

herbs;herbal;botanicals;botanical;witch;wicca;magic;magick;garden magick;mental strength;plant magic

How to Use the Cards

Green Witch Oracle contains a balanced selection of familiar plants that will lead you into deeper explorations in your own garden and your connections with the plant kingdom. I strongly suggest you record your discoveries in a gardening journal.

This deck can be used as a focal tool as you study plant magick, as a gardening companion or as a divination tool. Those working with complimentary therapies – especially essence creation – will find the cards and guidebook helpful tools in education, prescribing and mixture creation.


Includes: 44 Cards, 144-Pages Guidebook

Author: Cheralyn Darcey

Dimensions: 9 x 3.56 x 12.8 cm

Weight: 340g

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