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Pretty Glow Glitter Stars are a sparkling, must-have decoration for any bedroom. 39 high-quality plastic stars and one moon on a 225 x 162mm backer.

These pretty sparkly stars and moon create an amazing display in your room – just turn the lights out and watch them glow! The self adhesive pads apply the stars and moon to your walls and ceilings with ease.

  • Includes 40 high quality glow-in-the-dark glitter shapes
  • 4 large stars, 15 medium stars, 20 small stars and 1 large moon
  • With self-adhesive pads to easily affix to most surfaces
  • Create a fascinating display on your ceiling or walls
  • Packaging and instructions are multi-lingual including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian


Weight : 66g

Dimensions: 6 x 225 x 160mm

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