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Glow pens can be used to add glow-in-the-dark highlights to art and craft projects. Ideal to cross-sell as refills for the Glow and Draw Projector. Supplied on a 225 x 90mm backer.

Create your own glow in the dark features on drawings, stickers, posters and books with these easy to use glow in the dark pens by The Original Glowstars Company.

Adds a great touch to party and Halloween decorations as well. In the pack you will receive two 9ml glow in the dark pens.

Simply gently squeeze the pen as you write or draw pictures for your bedroom walls, charge them up in the light and then watch them glow at bedtime.

The Glow in the dark pens give an embossed finish when applied and is an off-white colour so during the day your designs will be disguised, your creations should be left to dry over night.

Also we recommend that you wear some old clothing whilst using them as it does not wash out of clothing and any spillages should be wiped up straight away with a damp cloth.

Drawing Instruments

Weight:  44g

Dimensions: 15 x 90 x 225 mm

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