Gemstone Power Stone


Stone Types: Rose Quartz (Love)
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Beautiful hand-selected palm stones. Ideal for meditation, collection, fen shui, reiki, home decoration, chakras or as a unique gift for your loved ones. Its shape and size are perfect as a pocket stone, so you can receive healing benefits all day long. Used as a healing stone, for positive energy, chakra balance, peace of mind and for crystal meditation. 


Choose from the following designs

  • Rose quartz stone with Love wording
  • Golden tiger eye stone with Wisdom wording
  • Amethyst stone with Peace wording
  • Snowflake obsidian stone with Strength wording
  • Black onyx stone with Energy wording
  • Howlite stone with Calm wording

As each piece is unique, do note that the actual product may vary from pictured product.

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