First Aid Mints For Allergy To Early Mornings


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Mints packed as a medicine and spiced with a generous portion of humour making parody of common pharmaceutical products.

Perfect for parties, visiting friends and for colleagues.

Each box comes with 30 mints packed in individual blister packs.

After first dose:

  • You'll gradually turn into an early bird
  • You won't start panicking when the alarm goes off
  • You'll wake up surprisingly quickly and leave you warm bed voluntarily

Long-term use guarantees permanent immunity against:

  • Endless hitting of the snooze button and cowardly hiding under the pillow
  • Tiredness and reluctance to get up for work again
  • The blinding morning sun, bitter cold, insurmountable laziness, sleep addiction, nothing will get in the way of getting up comfortably.


Warning: Not real medicine!

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