Essentials Planner Stickers - F*cking Brilliant


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Twelve sheets packed with more than 275 mouthy stickers for your journal, planner, or calendar!

  • Non-cutesy motivational sayings and graphics to help you carpe the f*cking diem, and take your planner or journal to the next level (or to the gutter).
  • Includes ''Busy AF,'' ''WTF,'' ''FML'' ''@#!&*!,'' ''F*cking chaos,'' and so many more.
  • Dozens of stickers in a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Perfect for planners, calendars, and bullet journals.
  • Sticker set fits in the back pockets of Peter Pauper Press calendars and journals.
  • Package measures 4'' wide x 7-1/2'' high.


        Dimension:  15.20 x 10.16 cm, 19.05 x 10.16 cm(Packaging)

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