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Voynich manuscript; oracle; reading cards; cryptology; unicorns; intuition; subconscious; codex

Voynich manuscript; oracle; reading cards; cryptology; unicorns; intuition; illustrations; codex

Enter into the mystical realm of the unknown and seek power and insight through the cryptic illustrations inspired by the Ancient Voynich manuscript.

This quirky card deck features thirty-six fabulous unicorns. The illustrations and oracle meanings are inspired by a fifteenth century codex, the Voynich manuscript (also known as the Beinecke MS 408), one of the most perplexing mysteries in the history of cryptology.

The Enchanted Unicorn images are intended to be representations of plants, rather than purely botanical illustrations. Stylised foliage, fruit and flowers sprout from the unicorns’ heads and bodies, capturing the spirit of the weird and wonderful drawings of the original manuscript.

Using the same element of mystery, the Enchanted Unicorn Oracle taps into your subconscious mind by using pictures and concepts as a devilishly clever way to bypass pesky logic and get to the heart of your intuition. This oracle can be used to gain insights and clarify answers to questions or concerns like any tarot and oracle deck.

Enchanted Unicorn Oracle Cards

Voynich manuscript; oracle; good luck; cryptology; unicorns; subconscious; codex; rainforest

Voynich manuscript; peace; rainbow; cryptology; unicorns; intuition; subconscious; codex; cards

Voynich manuscript; gloriousmess; cryptology; unicorns; intuition; subconscious; codex; human; cards

Voynich manuscript; oracle; reading cards; cryptology; unicorns; dream; dreams; reality; codex


This unicorn offers rays of hope and happiness. The Rainforest card brings good news and glad tidings. This is the ‘good luck’ card! The strong, vibrant energy of Rainforest foretells great joy. Be assured that everything is working in perfect harmony when you draw this happy unicorn. Trust in the natural order and enjoy the gorgeous good luck you are about to receive. This luck will generally take the form of the verdant green energy of growth, renewal and prosperity.


This Rainbow yogi unicorn is feeling at peace with life, the universe … everything! Rainbow contains all the colours of the chakras in perfect balance and in perfect order. This unicorn is all about repairing and restoring the mind, body and soul. When this card appears, rise above petty arguments and the vagaries of life with music, art, poetry, prayer, ritual and the beauty of nature. Find something to aspire to; something that makes your soul sing. Practise balancing the energy centres in your body – the chakras.


This business of being human is all at once glorious, messy, Divine and mundane. Gloriousmess reminds us that everyone is struggling with something, and we are all just trying to do the best we can. Understand that everyone has their own challenges and may not be able to give you the time, attention or help you think you deserve. This card appears when we need to release all expectations of how people ‘should’ behave.

Pipe Dream

A ‘pipe dream’ is a term usually used for an unobtainable fantasy. The saying originated in the late 1800s and alludes to the fantastical visions opium smokers experienced. However, in this instance, dreams that seem impossible could become a reality! Fortune is on your side. Build your vision and start putting practical measures into place, because this unicorn symbolises positive outcomes for outlandish ideas and projects.

Voynich manuscript; oracle; reading cards; cryptology; unicorns; intuition; subconscious; codex

Different Ways to Use the Cards

The Solitary Unicorn Sometimes all you need is just one card to give you a good snapshot of the situation. This is where the Solitary Unicorn layout is perfect. Shuffle the cards, focusing on the issue at hand. When you feel ready, place them facedown and tap the top of the pile once. Cut the cards into two stacks and choose the top card of the stack of your choice. This card will give you an overarching theme to work with.

The Unicorn's Conundrum

Have you ever been in a situation where you are torn between saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to an opportunity? What a conundrum! Fear not, the unicorns are here to help you. In this layout, shuffle the deck, and focus on the issue. Choose two cards at random and place them side by side in front of you. The card on the left is the outcome if you say ‘No’, and the card on the right is the outcome if you say ‘Yes’. This layout should give you a few interesting insights into what you really want.

Voynich manuscript; oracle; reading cards; cryptology; unicorns; intuition; illustrations; codex

Includes: 36 Cards, 128-Pages Guidebook

Author: Priestess Moon

Dimensions: 10.3 x 14 x 3 cm 

Weight: 321g

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